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Prodigy – The Bumpy Johnson Album (Artwork x Tracklist)

The re-release of what was Produgy’s Bumpy Johnson EP, will now come equipped with five additional tracks as well as the original tracks on the project. The release date for the album is still unknown.

01. Change (prod. Sid Roams)
02. The One And Only (prod. Alchemist)
03. Told Yall (prod. Sid Roams)
04. Go Off (prod. Sid Roams)
05. Recipe For Murder (prod. S.C.)
06. Hitman (prod. King Benny)
07. Medicine Man (prod. Alchemist)
08. For One Night Only (prod. Alchemist)
09. Twilight (prod. Sid Roams)
10. Black Devil (prod. Sid Roams)
11. Stronger (prod.King Benny)
12. Nobody Can Do It Like This (prod. Sid Roams)

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5 Responses to “Prodigy – The Bumpy Johnson Album (Artwork x Tracklist)”

  1. harlem world Says:

    where is prodigys guns

    when tru life robbed alchemist and infamous mobb and pistol whipped them back to qb butt naked

    saigon floored him on stage

    robbed on set of keep it thoro and ybe in his own adopted hood – they didnt touch b.g because they didnt wanna die

    ko’ed by slim the worm

    where was his gun?

  2. Danbury Says:


  3. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    Yo Black

    you got that Peddi Crakk & Indy 500 Crime Partners mixtape ?

  4. Kush Kennedy Says:

    Im still going back to that Loaded Lux battle

    That last verse is “OMFG, Fuck work, Im smoking trees tonight” status

  5. AFGun Says:

    wtf?? nigga you couldnt sell an album with 20 fresh songs, let alone recycling songs for the majority of your album. smh @ clueless niggaz

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