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Video: Geechi Suede – Fishnets Skyscrapers (Trailer)

Here’s a trailer for Fishnets Skyscrapers, a new solo project from Camp Lo’s Geechi Suede that will be out early next month. Look out for the first single “Ask About Me” to drop on October 2nd.

Spotted: SaS

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5 Responses to “Video: Geechi Suede – Fishnets Skyscrapers (Trailer)”

  1. Casket Face Says:

    people underestimate the cake to be made being a private eye

  2. Troyvul Says:

    Jail did Ransom no good, a bit disappointed. I think he had that revelance that this may be his last chance.

  3. Jackson7 Says:

    the black referee called interception..touchback…game over…

    the white referee said: “look here Boy… we in Seattle… you aint fixin to get us killt by these fans, Nigger… you better throw ya hands in the air, and say it was a touchdown..”

    the black referee said: “sayword it was a touchdown wasnt it…. lets get the fuck outta here..”


  4. Latarian Milton Says:

    Talent show – this is God’s call
    Youngin you’ve gotta learn how this works – job corp
    It’s hardball
    With an oddball
    When the shots you throw through do car door
    Like it’s cardboard
    I feel like I’m at your mom’s door
    Wit a convoy full of armed boys
    From Darfur
    My heart core
    Colder than the shoulders on a US soldier on armed shores
    But you can sense it, nigga, the tension thicker than German guard dogs
    My beloved Iron Shiek say…Allahu Akbar



  5. Latarian Milton Says:

    You niggas came here playin,
    It’s cool,
    But yall gon’ leave givin head counts
    They didn’t even book you niggas rooms!
    I told em Harlem Hospital givin beds out!


    Just show me stronger bars. Somebody show me. But till then…

    Lux >>

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