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Showbiz & A.G. ft. A Bless – Walking on Air

Show and A.G. leak another cut from their upcoming LP, Mugshot Music, due out October 9th on DITC.

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5 Responses to “Showbiz & A.G. ft. A Bless – Walking on Air”

  1. Jackson7 Says:

    “… and for the crown that dangles, i battle at every angle… i run circles around your triangles..”


    Diggy shootin at the whole Roc Nation…

    RIP J. Camel & J. Cole

  2. Jackson7 Says:

    be clear..

    Diggy bodying J. Cole right now

  3. Jackson7 Says:

    she thought he was cute in a pot bellied pig kind of way, she nervously smiled hoping he’d take her smile as a hint not to approach her..she looked at his face and saw the XZ chromosomes in his pores. Her mace would not work…She thought harder



    niggas is Pulitzer Prize winners

  4. Jackson7 Says:


    wtf is a XZ chromosome?

    son trying say this nigga got some kinda undiscovered mutant DNA

  5. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    “got damn now I’m a grown man, I follow no man nigga got my own plan!”

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