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Video: MPC Minute w/ araabMUZIK

araabMUZIK shows Akai’s MPC Renaissance who’s boss.

Previously: araabMUZIK – Streets Tonight (Live @ Pitchfork Music Festival 2012)

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46 Responses to “Video: MPC Minute w/ araabMUZIK”

  1. &What?! Says:

    Shit sounds like Optimus Prime’s ringtone smh

  2. Harlem World Says:

    LMAO at how incredibly shitty araabmuzik can be at times

    i prefer his hip hop beats to his electro/dubstep tracks

    this endorsement makes so much sense tho, him and dilla prolly made akai do silly numbers

  3. Harlem World Says:

    life is good, cosign friday night

    couple months back, i was down for the count!

    tequila tho <<<<

    gotta use extra strong mouthwash to get the aftertaste out smh

  4. Harlem World Says:

    “i can meet a ho sweeter than damita jo
    she act conceited tho, her number get deleted yo”

    live by these words!

  5. Harlem World Says:

    cosign working out to GBE mixtape, best aggressive content of 2012

    tracks 4 to 6 are absolute mayhem, a symphony of destruction guaranteed to get that final set of pushups finished

    i dont care about the ethics of promoting teen gang members right now

    stay flabby and sick if you want to!

    there is a huge demand for aggressive content for health purposes

    even michael phelps said he listens to jeezy before he competes

  6. Harlem World Says:

    “say he broke and a 100 million just went through his hands?!
    i dont cherish shit, im flying terrorists in from sudan” — (c) gucci

    niccas cant even point to sudan on a map

    that line is cold as fuck

    nicca said you wanna war, he got grimy black arab proxies from east africa, stick the janjaweed on you fuckniccas

    cBc gucci is secretly smarter than he looks

    if nas said that niccas would fawn

  7. Harlem World Says:

    north africa*

  8. Harlem World Says:

    my fellow music nerd nigras

    the frequencies in these brick squad type beats arent normal

    the sub bass is even deeper than dubstep

    if you turn the treble and mids low so its mostly the bass

    youll hear this shit is just a droning ummmm ummmmm ummmmmmm ummmmm, almost like an engine

    its been shown to make people a lil more aggressive over time

  9. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    couple months back, i was down for the count!

    ^schpeak on it…

  10. The Cool Says:

    Goat workout/ running/ boxing music is anything from 50 cent/ g unit, Cam/ Dipset or D block circa 01 – 07

  11. Harlem World Says:


    “everything is subbing crazy…im watching Dre turn up the sound…the music was so loud i couldnt swallow(ll), im getting nauseating, i gotta throw up from the bass, i had to leave”


    sound >>>>

    g.o.a.t sense

  12. Cypher Says:

    goat sense is touch…

    the feel of puss >>>>>>> the sound of puss

  13. Harlem World Says:

    tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:
    September 15th, 2012 at 9:03 am

    couple months back, i was down for the count!

    ^schpeak on it…

    everything collapsed mayne, job/deaths in the family/relationship

    cosign destroying and rebuilding tho, i dont do the self pity or feeling sorry for myself

    the new and untouchable harlem world no homo

  14. Harlem World Says:

    “For example, in World War II, Nazi propaganda engineers used infrasound to stir up anger in the large crowds that had gathered to hear Hitler. The result was a nation filled with anger and hatred.”

  15. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    everything collapsed mayne, job/deaths in the family/relationship

    ^all great empires crumble at some point, but they can always be rebuilt

    Facing trials n tribulations are a part of life we must all face regardless of money, status etc everyone goes thru they own hells

    But the outcome is always better than the trial. Surely you will or have reached a new level and have grown stronger as a man.

    Those uncertain times of turmoil>>>><<<

  16. Harlem World Says:

    The Cool Says:
    September 15th, 2012 at 9:10 am

    Goat workout/ running/ boxing music is anything from 50 cent/ g unit, Cam/ Dipset or D block circa 01 – 07

    get em girls >>>>>

    the lil dog grunts are like reminders for when to lift!

    niccas dont understand the science of the infamous “computers putin” line

    he so gusto that he makes computers compute, and process info
    he gets em working like vladimir putin, who saved the russian state after the soviet collapse and privatization

    he get producers ducin (juicing), as in pumped up and working/motivated no homo

    whether buddhist or buddha, judas or (referencing teachers, leaders, followers)

    cam is an idiot savant b

  17. Harlem World Says:

    judas or judah*

  18. Jackson7 Says:

    araabMUZIK >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  19. Jackson7 Says:

    sight >>> any sense

    its deeper than facts

  20. Harlem World Says:

    my reaction when i first heard get em girls

    my head was violently snapping, my hands were trembling and i couldnt speak, no homo

    what was this track that sounded like the fires of hell?

    its classical music, its dog grunts, its a nicca aggressive flowing effortlessy on a hip hop beat thats like 140 bpm, with the lil religious and pop culture references and internal rhymes

    i just put my hands on my head and screamed(ll) when he finished the 3rd verse

    “i was down 40
    now im up 50, buck 50 , but quickly

    towels were thrown that day, i was almost in tears

  21. Harlem World Says:

    araabmuzik: electronic dream >>>>>


  22. The Cool Says:

    Co sign the greatness of get em girls, top 5 Cam song.

  23. Jackson7 Says:

    “i was down 40
    now im up 50, buck 50 , but quickly


    vintage Killa..

    niggas is still biting that nigga

  24. Harlem World Says:

    i know he dont have lyrics but chief keef killed russian roulette!!

    his voice gets louder as the verse goes on

    i dont if that was intentional but it worked tho

  25. Jackson7 Says:

    camron – “Dipset Forever” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    that was kanye west beats still meant something

  26. The Cool Says:

    Losing weight 2 >>>
    I’m ready >>>
    Gangsta music>>>
    Real niggas >>>
    Leave me alone 2 >>>

  27. Jackson7 Says:

    busta Rhymes- “Woo Hah” instrumental >>>>>>>>>>>

  28. Jackson7 Says:

    every song on Come Home With Me >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    no skipping at all

    top 3 GOAT rap LP

  29. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Gettin a car wash>>>>>

    Hair cut>>>>>

    Cheap ways to feel great

  30. big_seth Says:

    Cosign get em girls making the nerdiest niggas thinking they should buck at civilians.

    That lil kiss sound or whatever… No homo… Was epic tho too.

    Holey moley

  31. big_seth Says:

    Get em girls aint even right on computer speakers tho. That’s ride around with 20s in the trunk muggin niggas in their own hood music

  32. big_seth Says:

    Down and out that scrunch face music tho.

    Auto scrunch when that shit come on.

    I was live when I heard that in NY. Made it 10x better. Lol

  33. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    “I’m throwin deuces in a cup…just got my ccw”

    Thank god>>>>>

    I’m finna be ready to turn up it’s bout that time

  34. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    “now pop da pussy fo a goon nigga
    31 comin soon nigga
    I be grinding I be grindin
    No skateboard I ain’t Tune nigga”

  35. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    X wildin on Wshh

  36. Mag Says:

    I think Banks got better with Boo Boo’s forced alienation.

    I got better records and a Gangsta Grillz tape. I’ll wait on the units return.

    Till then its LOX.

  37. why? Says:

    A Philadelphia woman says that while being raped by a man, he bragged to her that he had infected her with HIV as he beat her unconscious.

    *blank stare*

  38. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:


    ^cruel fall

  39. &What?! Says:

    Smoke DZA – Ashtray >>>


  40. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    This album is garbage

  41. Tong Po Flo Says:

    Get em girls aint even right on computer speakers tho. That’s ride around with 20s in the trunk muggin niggas in their own hood music

    ^ Lol this tho

  42. Harlem World Says:

    And So It Has Started: KFC & Arby’s Burned Down As Anger Over An Anti-Islam 14 Min Film Raged On! (7 People Killed In Protests)

    that film got them muslims heated

    leave kfc outta this tho

    we need to send troops to protect her

    or enforce a 5 mile perimeter zone around all kfcs in the muslim world

  43. Harlem World Says:

    “wanna hit it from the back, she agreed that im loony
    BUTT proceeded to moon me”


    cam was unfuckwithable on that track

  44. Harlem World Says:

    damn, im sure he said producers ducin

    but i cant hear it

    might be the o.g version

  45. Sir Fakely Deep Says:

    how has a camron ghostface joint never even happened

  46. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    God spoke to me last nigjt

    he told me to share my knowledge with the world

    so im droppin an e book titled

    F You Pay Me

    Memoirz of a young trill nigga in the wilderness of north america

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