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Bud Light Platinum Lifestyle: What Not To Do in the Club (Promo)

Don’t be that guy.

Don’t Ogle
Yes, people show up to the club dressed to the nines, and often in get-ups that leave little to the imagination. That being said, just because something is displayed prominently doesn’t make it okay to stare. Try to avoid the whole wide-eyed, mouth agape, deer-in-the-headlights thing. It rarely impresses.

Don’t Be a &%^* to the Staff
In fairness, bartenders and bouncers can rank amongst the rudest people this side of flight attendants. But in a lot of cases, it’s the result of enduring months and years of insufferable club patrons who basically treat them like their hired help. Not cool, bro. Even if the staff is rude to you, kill them with kindness in return. It’s a no-lose strategy. And if they get too obnoxious to tolerate, then take your party somewhere else.

Say No to Toe
Once the beat gets a hold of you and you unleash your epic dance moves on the world, there’s no stopping you. You’re a legend! But try and be mindful of those around you who might be wearing open-toed shoes. The last thing you want to do is send some vulnerable lass to the emergency room because you accidentally stomped her metatarsal bones to pieces while doing the Roger Rabbit. It’s a total buzz kill.

Leave the Grinding to the Butcher
Obviously, one of the primary goals of a hitting up a club is to get up close and personal with an attractive new friend. But that kind of interaction needs to be invited, even earned. If you go straight into hyperactive Chihuahua mode on some poor, unsuspecting bachelorette, you’ll be sent to the doghouse just as quickly as Fido would. (By the way, “Fido” is a bad name for a Chihuahua. Just saying.)

For more tips and style cues, go to platinum.complex.com

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