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Ghostface Releasing Twelve Reasons to Die on 11/20, Drops Killer Verse That You Can’t Hear

Today Ghost announced a new LP and accompanying comic book that will be executive produced by RZA and presented by Adrian Younge, the guy behind the Black Dynamite score. The project, Twelve Reasons to Die, will be out November 20th.

In other news, Starks also just dropped one of his illest verses in recent memory on Cruel Summer, and as much as I’d like to post it, I can’t because there’s not one single sanctioned stream of the now widley leaked album on the internet. And this is just another in a long list of reasons why the major labels stay losing.

These guys spend half their time crying about album leaks and suing people, then an album leaks and rather than putting up a sanctioned, ad supported stream, they waste time playing whack-a-mole by C&D’ing individual links. Meanwhile, people all over the world are downloading illegal copies not because they are criminals, as the RIAA would have you believe, but because they’re amped to hear this album that you’ve been relentlessly marketing to us for months.

Then of course the irony of the situation is that the poor intern who runs Def Jam’s tumblr now has to pretend like they don’t know that the album leaked and avoid reblogging anything that the legal department might not consider kosher. Give me a fucking break. I hate to break it to you guys, but everybody on fucking tumblr, and the whole rest of the internet for that matter, already has the album.

Why even attempt to participate in internet culture if you’re going to handcuff yourselves with a draconian corporate copyright policy? This album should’ve been available as a full stream a week ago then nobody would have to bother to download the illegal rip and we’d all be able to make an informed decision come release day. Of course when I say “nobody”, I mean people who actually buy albums, because those people who don’t buy albums weren’t going to buy this shit anyway and you can’t change that.

So now you missed out on an opportunity to not only prevent illegal downloads, but maybe even make some money from all of those streams that would’ve been posted across countless blogs and websites and Facebook pages by. And now all of us who’ve been dying to hear this Ghost verse that we’ve heard so much about have to either break the law and download the album or wait SIX FUCKING DAYS until the album is officially released. Seriously? Do you have any idea how long six days is in internet time? Asking an internet savvy Rap consumer to wait that long is not only torturous it’s absurd. Not to mention that everybody will be on to the next big thing by then anyway.

This internet shit is time sensitive you suckers. Even if you read this post and rush to create an album stream right now, it’s already too fucking late. And all of this delay for what? To optimize those all important big first week numbers? The only thing is, it’s a fucking G.O.O.D. Music album helmed by Kanye, so the goddamn thing is going to sell like hotcakes anyway.  The whole situation is so ridiculous it’s almost comical.

These big album and song leaks are the biggest events there are when it comes to the Rap Internets and it would be so simple to capitalize off of them but for whatever reason motherfuckers can’t seem to get their shit together.

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15 Responses to “Ghostface Releasing Twelve Reasons to Die on 11/20, Drops Killer Verse That You Can’t Hear”

  1. Jackson7 Says:

    I guess we all had the homie as a kid that was the master of tall tails.

    He 14 years old and got every game system, but no one is allowed in his house



  2. Casket Face Says:

    lol yall niggas silly, i be telling truth, but it’s so ill it sounds unbelievable…in real life i been on some forrest gump shit, sharing experiences with random muthafuckas tryna break bread with knowledge…

    when niggas find out it’s actually true they be like…


  3. big_seth Says:

    Casket got more stories than Frankie got masks

  4. Das racist Says:

    Summarize that shit.

  5. big_seth Says:

    I normally fuck with esky rants, but this is a MELT!!


    Chill man. You know how Kanye is. It’s his way and that is it.

  6. Casket Face Says:

    niggas gotta remember this is a blog, niggas can’t just pdf documents and upload videos so niggas will believe…i ain’t asking nobody to believe me, it is what it is…keeping it real is a gift in it’s own, to the giver and receiver i leave it at that.

  7. big_seth Says:

    Ghost >> Chef

  8. Jackson7 Says:

    eskay you might wanna break that down into several chapters

  9. eskay Says:

    >>You know how Kanye is. It’s his way and that is it.

    lol, nah fuck that

  10. big_seth Says:

    Casker circa 1996: yo I got that new goldeneye 007 game. It’s the best shit ever. You guys are losing

    Kids: well let’s go over your spot and check it. You got 4 controllers right?

    Casket: hell yea, I got 8 controllers just for spare…

    But my moms taking a map so no one can come in right now. I’m not even supposed to be outside right now. I snuck out.


  11. Jackson7 Says:

    its not like he said he has a spacious sunroom, or just received a million dollar inheritance or anything like that…

  12. Harlem World Says:

    ghostfaces son is somewhere tryna rhyme like trina in his bathroom mirror

  13. Casket Face Says:

    eskay did drop science though, niggas be shooting themselves in a foot tryna be cheapskates…it’s 2012, change with the times or hire noble youngins to keep you in the game for the next decade.

    …that’s niggas prollems right there, i tried to intern for ghostface by sending them an email.

    now this nigga is blocked cause they spam my email with bullshit i knew a week ago.

    …it’s always some young hispanic bitch too, be loafing off her good looks and nigga’s stupidity…running businesses in the ground then flying back to the motherland caked up.

    see IFWT for example….

  14. Joshua T. Says:

    FYI eskay, I got an Instapaper folder called “eskay rants” that posts like this go into because your blackouts are EPIC. thanks for the read man.

  15. tre Says:

    epic rant.

    The really interesting thing is that they could’ve easily dropped the new verse as a good friday track last Friday or dropped it with Flex last thursday.

    They have nothing to lose because they already released the track as a single. Only getting the buzz up even more. And they could’ve driven the traffic to whatever sanctioned streaming locations they wanted.

    But now it’s a lost opportunity. We only get to hear this new verse alongside the rest of the album and blog sites will post the track anyway. It could have been such a bigger event for them if they handled this better.

    I whole heartedly agree with the Internet leak day article. To be honest, the moment an album leaks, the record labels should instantly try to capitalize by providing legal streams of the album and try to capitalize on that traffic. Something like NPR’s first listen series, which Big Krit actually took part in.

    The bottom line is that leaks will always happen. And there’s huge traffic associated with leaks. So it’s in the labels best interests to try and capitalize that traffic and blast users with promotional ads and so forth. In fact, the sanctioned stream should advertise the fact that the album is dropping in a week or whatnot.

    Anyways, it’s always funny to see record labels trying to contain a leak as if anything can ever disappear from the Internet.

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