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Video: Trillogy ft. Fred The Godson – For You

Produced by Omen off the upcoming EP, Trillogy Live @ StadiumRed.

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5 Responses to “Video: Trillogy ft. Fred The Godson – For You”

  1. Highsaiah Thomas Says:

    SOA >

    I approve of the introduction to more blacks (even tho 5 of them got bodied last night) and one puerto rican in charming..that nigga Pope is no joke..Trig gon eat his food

  2. Highsaiah Thomas Says:

    Yo Casket you watch sons of anarchy?

  3. cOLD Says:

    It’s playin madden on rookie. You win everytime. Sure your winnin but you don’t get any better. And when you ply on all madden….well you may lose but you get better everytime

    ^ Rass Claaat!

  4. Casket Face Says:

    dont matter how smart she is, shes a kid her body aint ready for what you have to give her…white folk get down like that because theyre imperialist by nature.

    doctor is 42 and his wife just turned 23….her broke ass father grilling hot dogs on the 4th of july with a nigga 2 years younger that him fucking his daughter.

    when shes phd’d up and hit 35 she passively agressively drives that nigga to cheat and takes everything…with folk are some nasty creatures…just being honest, theyre like parasitic by nature

  5. b Says:

    They only let those chinese families have one child per household,but they agreed to let cypher moms have another child after cypher was born because they wanted a boy.

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