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Video: Immortal Technique Doesn’t Think Romney Will Win

Tech drops science on Obama’s foreign policy, Romney’s candidacy and how he thinks the election will play out.

Previously: Immortal Technique Talks Ghostwriting, Nas

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15 Responses to “Video: Immortal Technique Doesn’t Think Romney Will Win”

  1. Latarian Milton Says:

    Rest in Pieces to the OG’s.

    Larry Hoover = the ultimate bitch nigga

    Ruined his hood.

    The kids don’t need gangs thank you very much they need soccer teams, study groups, and some fucking discipline.

  2. Chief Ali Says:

    The nigga Jojo kinda had it coming tho.

    Where are the OG’s? Where is the leadership behind these gangs?

    They got these kids out there wildin’, killing each other over what?


    Cosign JoJo provoking his own demise as unfortunate as that was. You ride up on a brother talking noise and flashing burners but don’t use them? Then tweet your location later to add insult to injury? Of course he was going to get touched.

    As far as the OGs, most of the dudes who matter are either dead or in jail(FEDS/Penn). There is no structure or organization anymore, most of these young dudes can’t even recite the creeds that serve as the foundation for what they rep.

    Word to Blackstones in 2012 eating porkchops and chitterlings and not thinking nothing of it SMH.

  3. Latarian Milton Says:

    People keep talking about the good ol’ days where the OG’s were around.

    To do what?

    – Milk the hood and suck all the resources out of it.
    – Sell drugs that Reagan gave them.
    – Put guns in the hands of kids.

    A lot of good those OG’s did, God bless ’em!

    Rest in Pieces to those bitch niggas – they ruined the hood for 100 years to come.

  4. AmpGeez a.k.a. Amphernee Hardaway Says:

    There shoulda been an OG to pull Jojo’s coat & tell him that the shit he was doing wasn’t proper. the dis records were one thing, but the taunts & YouTube shit? You’re not only fucking with niggas pride & money at that point, you’re threatening they’re safety. Jojo was a problem.

    Another young dumb nigga who was way outta pocket with his actions, but that doesn’t mean he needed to die.

  5. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    In that new keef vid e just said something in da verse bout “don’t fight we shoot”
    That’s kinna sad these kids terrified to take a L. Kinna makes u respect those fight comps on Wshh for shootin da fair one. These kids out here shootin cuz a nigga said my shoes was dirty or some wack gang shit

    I’d hate to be a inner city teen ight now

  6. b Says:

    I’d hate to be a inner city teen ight now

    > This. I’m getting scared for em (c)beans

  7. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    I just realized how fuckin garbage this rap shit is

    bunch of crackas hi jackin my culture

    bunch of cracka journalist documenting the hi jacking of my culture and documenting these bafoon ass clown shoe niggers runnin round out here

    shit is a terrible shame

    all the new genres of rap are terrible

    troll rap
    mockery rap

    shit is digusting cuz

    then you got the major artists like kanye who fuckin suck .. that cruel summer shit will fuckin suck aint nobody checkin for that dumb shit..did you hear clique? terrible fuckin song..shit is terrible..sounded like a throwaway track


    whos hot now? seriously them asap niggas suck..they cant rap for shit they just fly..them niggas cant rap..i cant rid to them niggas on a consitent basis

    the nigga dom kennedy saved the summer…

    j cole wack nobody wanna hear that dormroom rap
    meek ehhh same ol fuckin shit nothing new

    whos out here?

    these niggas suck

    all of em

    dom saved the summer..yellow album is a hip hop masterpiece rest of these niggas is terrible

    f & l 2
    live in concert
    new freddie gibbs

    if it aint that or any new currensy release i dont wanna hear it..shit is trash .. everything is trash ..shit is fuckin digusting out here

  8. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    i was watching dateline the other night & seen these numbers…

    chicago hommie rate is 505 for 2012

    afghanistan body count ….144

    if you stay in out in the chi get a flack jacket & carry guns if you wanna live. it’s 3rd world countries shaking they’re heads at y’all.

  9. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    keef and all them lil idiot young bul niggas is wack to

    thats just ignorant gym music, i aint ridin to that dumb ass shit on a consistent basis

    riff raff? you kiddin me? id slap somebody if they asked me “yo you hear that new riff raff” in real life

    shit is a terrible shame out here, and it makes me sick to stomach none of these niggas is nice

    you gotta understand

    just because you can rap..doesnt mean your nice

    j cole can rap..but the nigga fuckin sucks…id rather listen to kirt , cole makes dorm room music for college bitches .. im good

    wale..the nigga sucks

    all these niggas suck

  10. b Says:

    if you stay in out in the chi get a flack jacket & carry guns if you wanna live. it’s 3rd world countries shaking they’re heads at y’all.

    > Switch up ya flow my nigga,geting cornier

  11. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    lol @ ”the ultimate bitch nigga”.

  12. S.I.C.K Says:

    Babies are being beheaded in CAMDEN NJ

    Niggas slashing kids throats high on Sherm in CAMDEN NJ

    Shall I rap about it? Get some exposure of what’s going on down there?

  13. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    Switch up ya flow my nigga,geting cornier

    > get ya tree back & find a reliable connect, OFFLINE.

    you lookin lonlier.

  14. Casket Face Says:

    dont realize until you grow up how FUCKED your frame of thinking is growing up in the hood.

    anytime you do something different or positive it’s seen as not “fun”, white folk wont put millions into that though

    …i say let the riff-raffs and the v nasty do their thing, a nigga catch them freestyling record that shit.

    THEN when that shit goes mainstream and white america starts talking kids are out of control….i’ll be there with a BIG fucking fat smirk on my face for legislation.

    …sue them niggas for psychological childhood trauma, and now NEGLECT if they acknowledge it’s a problem when it reaches white neighborhoods.

    if blacks knew the truth about themselves and what we went through you’d they’d me mass suicides EVERY where or unprecedented cases of psychosis.

    shout out to benjamin chavis…i see the vision

  15. ayo Says:

    muthafukas always wanna blame sum…they never lived that gang shit but everybody has the answer to wuts wrong or how to fix it..you cant fix shit…shit has and always will exist…they wanna blame the parents, the schools, anything…They dont understand the allure of the gang…the power…that they dont .that its just some bad kids looking for entertainment..this kids are no different from the kids back in the day in gangs

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