Video: Fiend – Streetplayer (Prod. by Cookin Soul)

Off the Iron Chef mixtape with Cookin Soul.

Previously: Fiend ft. Curren$y – Wonderful

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One Response to “Video: Fiend – Streetplayer (Prod. by Cookin Soul)”

  1. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    Troyvul Says:
    September 10th, 2012 at 2:20 pm
    I have no personal beef with anyone and would buy anyone a drink and build the best of our capacity in good merits.
    What about Kev?



    word Ben… what about yaboy?

    ^I wish him the best in real life.

    The internets is the internets b. Real life problems trump any and everything. I’ve done well so I can’t expect people to look at me or others on here that have done, as opposed to posting fiction and living to downplay others. TRUST. I know where I came from and where I want others to to rise up above.

    We’ll leave it at that.

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