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Video: Saigon’s New Album Title Explained

The meaning behind Saigon’s new album title, Bread & Circuses, out November 6th.

Previously: Saigon Addresses Recent Controversy

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7 Responses to “Video: Saigon’s New Album Title Explained”

  1. Dos Equis Says:

    this comment shall be last..and my next comment shall be first

  2. Chief Ali Says:

    Kev, get off my dick ASAP. I overstand you still pussy hurt about me shitting on your for various Ls over the years but move the fuck on.

    the nicca Chea typed all this greasy shit so I provided him with an opportunity to act on it

    no guns, just fist

    i’m all about peace but if you threaten me and come at my neck building is no longer an option. destruction is though.

  3. Latarian Milton Says:

    Regarding the JoJo situation, what goes around comes around.

    As Charlemagne says, “I’m more scared of a nigga with a camera than a nigga with a gun.”

    If you take videos embarrassing niggas (in this case, Reesey) on their home turf and put it on youtube, you’re sending shots directly at their movement, directly at their livelihood.

    At that point you’re either gonna be a pussy like Gunplay and say “Wha ha happin wahhhhh…” and try to explain why there’s video of you on your back after being knocked clean the fuck out.

    Or you’re gonna make a statement and kill somebody.

    Make no mistake, Chicago niggas are killers. Sadly that’s how they’re built because killing been a part of their whole life since being a toddler. I predict a lot more killings among low level OTF/GBE cats, just not Keef – I wouldn’t be surprised if Iovine is at the Democratic National Convention right now personally telling Rahm Emanuel that he needs 4 squad cars escorting Keef at all times, just like 50 had.

    Interscope don’t play – they’ll move Keef’s whole family to Iowa before they lose their #1 slave.

  4. Cypher Says:

    the greatest invention were perfected in preparation for war… at the current rate we should have flying cars by 2015

  5. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    Kev, get off my dick ASAP.


    stay dreaming, queef!

    er’time i post i see a comment from you directed at me w/no provocation.

    you emo now that you gettin shot at?

    oh yeah, look at where you’re from.

    bayng bayng!

  6. Cypher Says:

    sn- Chicago aint benn right since R Kelly started pissin on teenagers…

  7. AFGun Says:

    saigon has an album coming out?? NOBODY CARES

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