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Video: The Smokers Club Tour 2012 (Episode 6)

Previously: Episode 5

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3 Responses to “Video: The Smokers Club Tour 2012 (Episode 6)”

  1. Jackson7 Says:

    this clown ass retard adhd nigga stay on line 24/7 arguing with every tom dick and frankie…lying left and right about this that and the 3rd…typing trill every 8th word..

    frontin like he bout that life..

    niggas is b-list actors b

  2. Harlem World Says:

    fat trel on this tour = increased security

    which idiots idea was this

  3. Casket Face Says:

    First off

    The majority of you nigga is 30+

    This rap shit a young mans sport

    only 30+ niggas that get a pass is the actual rappers themselves

    you 30+ year old STANS that are 10 to 15 years older than these artists targeted audience LOOK and SOUND dumb as fuck

    only thing yall should be stannign for is 90′s hip hop

    you gonna hate on a young trill nigga and say

    “who still says trill” sound like a lil bitch

    same niggas that take bubble baths with they bitch bath & body works strawberry watermelon shower gel wanna talk shit

    same niggas hate on me the same 30+ year old niggas looking out of place as fuck at the club or the bar/lounge

    you nigggas need a reality check

    a nigga over 30 thats not an actual artist..that got a 9 to 5 .. a regular mufucka should not be sayin SWAG OR BASED EVER


    you niggas is real life comedians out here

    trilll trill trill trill trill

    suck a young trill nigga dick


    i LOL’d and cosign all this…why?

    i’m not 30

    i hate niggas who refuse to grow up

    you can like hip-hop but still act your age, women respect you more.


    trill is a dope as word and has the equvelent of “son” or “b” or “dun” in terms of slang, these words will nigga be “played out”.

    trill is a staple in southern culture and has transformed into a multi-usage, multi-dialect word for black culture. i’ve heard people using trill in new york, detroit, atlanta, los angeles, even alaska.

    trill, trillest, trilled up, trilled on, straight trill, super trill, so many variations.

    when i turn 30, i will still most likely use the word trill in my black social circle and my online mask linguistics.

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