Video: Beanie Sigel Talks About the Roc-A-Fella Break-Up

It’s funny, I remember trying to ask Beans about this same shit on a phoner for XXL back in the day and that nigga hit me with the only dead silence and deaded the interview immediately.

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56 Responses to “Video: Beanie Sigel Talks About the Roc-A-Fella Break-Up”

  1. Bricktop Says:

    Late pass: has anyone cosigned or nosigned Shyne’s twitter rants over the last week?

  2. Harlem World Says:

    nigga her moms is peggy lipton b …she KNOWS the struggle, bet money rashida settle down with a real black nigga after she done gettin this money

    her sister dated pac mayne


    pac the stuggle of all struggles, i respeckt it no homo or groupie

  3. Casket Face Says:

    co sign rashida grinding my face, gyrating with my head in a leg lock smelling like cream soda and lilacs

  4. Harlem World Says:

    RASHIDA: Yes, I do. And I get: “But you look so white!” “You’re not black!” I want to say: “Do you know how hurtful that is to somebody who identifies so strongly with half of who she is?” Still, that’s not as bad as when people don’t know. A year ago a taxi driver said to me, That Jennifer Lopez is a beautiful woman. Thank God she left that disgusting black man, Puffy.” I said, “I’m black.” He tried to smooth it over. IF you’re obviously black, white people watch their tongues, but with me they think they can say anything. When people don’t know “what” you are, you get your heart broken daily.


    aint that sweet

    shes down to ride

  5. sealsaa Says:

    Jay also let on a delighted smirk, knowing this was broadcasted around the globe, so niggas would know he had a fool on deck. Try me? gotta get through Beans first.

    True, but Jadakiss wasn’t giving a fuck. Nigga had his own fool on deck with Styles, and he proceeded to throw rocks at the thrown. Good times.

  6. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:


    beans lost

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