Big Sean – Detroit (Artwork)

Here is the artwork for Big Sean’s upcoming mixtape Detroit dropping September 5th.

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206 Responses to “Big Sean – Detroit (Artwork)”

  1. b Says:

    so do I need like a spf 30 when I chill in a sunroom in the summer, how does that work?

  2. Cypher Says:

    I despised looking like every other nigga. Stayed away from shopping “Downtown”… I went thataway with the boots while niggas swore on tims.

    this tho..

    its all about finding your own style..

    I still no-sign the wearing of pastel/Easter colors by niggas

    or shoes with 20 different colors on them

  3. Troyvul Says:

    Co-Sign having a zippo lighter with your initial engraved in it.

  4. cOLD Says:

    LF: me and wifey watching a flick on cable.

    9 times out of 10 I can guess the year the flick was made just based on the look.

    no particular point just saying.

  5. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    “x dese haters out like tic tac toe, Deion sandals on my toes”

  6. cOLD Says:

    nosign hightop sneaks. stansmith, canvas pumas >>>

    jeans gotta hang right and proper though. 1/8 inch of the ground. Its art.

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