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Video: Talib Kweli Interview w/ Google Play

Google Play drops off an interview with Talib from SXSW earlier this year.

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4 Responses to “Video: Talib Kweli Interview w/ Google Play”

  1. Dos Equis Says:

    you cant be ceo of a business that isnt incorporated..ceo is just a name mainly to distinguish that a certain business has been incorporated.

    a nigga with 2 vans and and a few lawnmowers that’s doing business as (dba) is simply a owner /operater/ manager/ whatever

    when you’ve incorporated and shares have been dealt they want to know who is cfo, ceo, coo and etc.

  2. Casket Face Says:

    Dos Equis Says:
    August 28th, 2012 at 3:02 pm
    a ceo doesnt necessarily have to answer to anyone nor does he have to have investors..

    most corporations and ceo are really owner proprietorships that incorporated for the security against getting sued or having your assets taken


    no, you’re talking about an LLC …an LLC with one owner is a “sole proprietor”, multiple owners have a mgmt board of some sorts and they elect roles.

    so pimps and hoes are entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, but drug cartels are corporations with CEOS, vice presidents, and hr managers.

  3. b Says:

    get off them jews nuts nigga smh. nigga confused as fuck,his kufi only cover his crown.

  4. Akello Light Says:

    Great interview….Talib is funny

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