Gillie Da Kid ft Yo Gotti & Meek Mill – Real Niggaz

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19 Responses to “Gillie Da Kid ft Yo Gotti & Meek Mill – Real Niggaz”

  1. Yasser Pair-a-gats Says:


  2. Casket Face Says:

    ROFL! shit like blam! i’m gillie and i’m still rapping….

  3. Yasser Pair-a-gats Says:

    Gillie lookin like Tom Hanks in ‘Philadelphia.’

    Like he just lost 4 pints of blood this afternoon alone.

    Low white blood cell count #swag.

    HIV on the medical bracelet #swag.

  4. Casket Face Says:

    that kiss between baby and wayne was a “nigga we made it, we don’t gotta hide no more”kiss.

    i’m sorry, i even ration the “i love yous” to niggas i’d take a bullet for down to once a year…and they gotta be going through it HEAVY for me not to remix it to a “i got love” or “mad love” or “the love’s there” lol


  5. Dos Equis Says:

    NSFC = Not Safe For Cubicles

    ^ try this..dunno wtf dm. was

  6. Yasser Pair-a-gats Says:

    Nicca look like Hailey Selassie on chemotherapy…no shots.

  7. Dos Equis Says:

    Gillie look like he been practicing his rape faces

  8. Jackson7 Says:

    radiation sickness swag

  9. Casket Face Says:

    big jeans + tight shirt combo <<<<<<

  10. Harlem World Says:

    mixtape raps about taking over blocks, kidnapping wifeys and airing out the block are always welcome

  11. Yasser Pair-a-gats Says:

    Casket Face Says:
    August 27th, 2012 at 3:46 pm
    big jeans + tight shirt combo <<<<<<



    That's that "only got enough scratch to update half my wardrobe" swag.

  12. Casket Face Says:

    patrick crayton on dialysis

  13. Yasser Pair-a-gats Says:

    Bone marrow donor for extra scratch #swag.

  14. Jackson7 Says:

    Gillie look like a full grown aborted fetus

  15. Harlem World Says:

    *renames turtleneck sweater to a gillie da kid*

  16. Yasser Pair-a-gats Says:

    Jackson7 Says:
    August 27th, 2012 at 3:49 pm
    Gillie look like a full grown aborted fetus



  17. Yasser Pair-a-gats Says:

    Donated a kidney while in Brazil for $20,000 #swag.

  18. Harlem World Says:

    gillie look like a gay freddie gibbs

  19. Casket Face Says:

    antonio fargas escaped a paternity summons somewhere in philly

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