Video: Mariah Carey ft. Rick Ross & Meek Mill – Triumphant (Get Em)

Previously: Mariah Carey ft. Rick Ross & Meek Mill – Triumphant (Get Em)

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10 Responses to “Video: Mariah Carey ft. Rick Ross & Meek Mill – Triumphant (Get Em)”

  1. Kush Kennedy Says:

    I gotta watch a couple things, sportscenter
    then get a new pork-chop dinner
    …chicken wings, flip the screens
    I aint saying shit to ’em like Mister Bean
    They addicted to my music like nicotine
    The coupe baby-blue, listerine

  2. b Says:

    Yo, New York in the house
    Is Brooklyn in the house
    Uptown in the house
    Charlotte are ya in da house
    Boogie Down are you in the house
    Sacramento in the house
    Atlanta, Georgia are you in the house
    West Coast are you in the house
    Japan are you in da house
    Everybody are you in the house
    Baby, baby c’mon, baby c’mon, baby c’mon

  3. Captain Planet Says:

    Obama’s almost got this election on lock

    Republicans got a robot and a kizza who wants to cut off all services for seniors


  4. Eastern_Digital Says:

    co-sign Obama pardoning Max, Boosie and Bump J

  5. Captain Planet Says:

    I don’t even think Republicans really think they can win this year with Romney

    I think they just setting up Paul Ryan to be the future of the party

    Expect to see him running for the top spot in 2016

  6. Captain Planet Says:

    If they had picked someone with personality like Rick Perry Obama would have had problems

    But Robotney ain’t drawing anyone towards him, and conservative Ryan ain’t drawing any independents

    It’s damn near a wrap

  7. Captain Planet Says:

    Bones Jackson,

    Go read a book

    Stop clapping at the Cap’n

  8. Captain Planet Says:

    Young Chicago is damn near a replica of Atlanta stylistically

    Chief Keef admits so himself

    Kinda weird, Chicago used to stand for so much more

  9. Captain Planet Says:

    Mama said knock you out! Earlier this morning, there was an attempted robbery at LL Cool J’s L.A home. LL confronted the intruder, lumped him up, and detained him before he was taken into custody by authorities. Eat ‘em up L!


    Tril Shit ?

  10. Eastern_Digital Says:

    still smh @ Sasha GoHard pullin a gat bigger than her head out of her purse in one of her videos. .45/.50 Cal type gun.

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