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Ras Kass – Sushi

New shit from Rassy off his upcoming P.U.M.A. EP, produced by Illinformed.

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7 Responses to “Ras Kass – Sushi”

  1. Das racist Says:

    Nah >>>

  2. Harlem World Says:

    soooooo much fail

  3. Big_seth Says:

    Harlem World
    26 mins ago
    *psyduck face*

  4. Das racist Says:

    Nosign calling a grown man Rassy.

  5. highsaiah thomas Says:

    I dunno..SICK aint start telling the “truth” until cOLD asked him if he was bi too and the jokes were piling up..all of a sudden it was “oh im lying”..after the fuckkery had been going on for 30 minutes already.

    Just too close for comfort..SICk says b called the house and he was bi, swearing on his dead mommas..then all of a sudden SICk disappears and his mask appears to confirm his own gayness? Then SICk reappears after nigga asked if he bi too..only to say that he was lying..then he disappear to return 2 hours later to ask if niggaz think he gay.

    Nigras playing double ducth with they keyboards

  6. Cypher Says:


    the fuckery >>>>

  7. JDS of the Cobra Kai Dojo Says:

    *psyduck face*



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