Video: Ghostface Killah & Sheek Louch Reveal Wu-Block Release Date

Ghostface Killah and Sheek Louch release this new video talking about the upcoming Wu-Block album. They reveal that the album will be released on October 9th via eOne Music and will feature Method Man, Raekwon, GZA, Jadakiss, Masta Killa, Styles P and more.

Previously: Wu-Block (Sheek Louch & Ghostface) – Union Square

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11 Responses to “Video: Ghostface Killah & Sheek Louch Reveal Wu-Block Release Date”

  1. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Dear Mysonne,


    Thank you

  2. Bones Jackson Says:

    mysonne…mayonnaise…same thing

  3. S.I.C.K Says:


    In a way I`m glad I did my breeding early as opposed to going through it now as an older cat.9 times outta 10 you won`t wind up with the mother of your child.Why have a baby momma in your mid 30`s? and the drama connected??

    I had my seed at 21 now my 40-50-and 60`s are free to do my thing.I can date without baggage of a small child needing my attention.I`m also wiser with my dealings with women going through all the kiddy shit earlier.My man is 42 finally having his first seed.SMH

  4. The Shot Clock Says:

    Juvenile arrested for brawling in Miami


    niggas is too old for this shit

  5. Eastern_Digital Says:

    smh @ the crowd at Rock The Bells

    Dudes is just standin there being more concerned
    about not getting wrinkles in their aztec tank tops than the actual music

  6. highsaiah thomas Says:

    co sign mysonne..probably the gulliest rapper out in ny right now..nigga spitting that gospel.

    so b finally hung up his blouse huh

    *pours out a lil sanka

    the best male secretary rapper to ever grace the c section..son had that nas, “i take mad l’s but I look at them as w’s” shit downpack

  7. highsaiah thomas Says:

    My man is 42 finally having his first seed.SMH

    fun times..

    getting fed and changed at the same time with your seed >>>

    daps sick

  8. highsaiah thomas Says:

    aztec tank tops


    smh at the pics of only women rocking them

    roffles at hiphop

  9. highsaiah thomas Says:

    ghostface louch

    killah sheik

    Sheik Face

    Killah Louch

  10. S.I.C.K Says:

    *daps fecal*

    Speaking of feces.These Jets look woeful as shit.Yo fecal tell me anything positive you can about these Jets of ours.I got a gut feeling something is wrong psychologically with the team.No identity.No leadership.No wide receiver corps.C`mon fecal these niggas don`t look like champions to me.

  11. highsaiah thomas Says:

    LF. Was in the hood 3 weeks ago seen a “who’s yo daddy” dna..i laughed it off..last weekend seen nigga that work on the truck getting mad airplay..local news and what not.

    $300 a pop for the tests…the owner says most the clients is men niggaz that just be having they kids for the weekend vistitation and see the truck and take the test..the owner driver said that “you are not the father” happened a little over 60% of the time.

    most niggaz raise milkmen, post men and coworkers

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