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Three 6 Mafia x Supreme

Juicy and Paul hook up with Supreme for a special collection of tees for the brand’s 2012 Fall/Winter line.

Spotted: HB

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5 Responses to “Three 6 Mafia x Supreme”

  1. highsaiah thomas Says:

    waddup sick..im not even phased by the jets…we ususally do the most when people expect the less from us..that’s how our history goes.

    What I will give you is that line play being awful..not just hunter but the whole line..granted they went up against the best dline in pro football.

    We gon be fine…10-6 ..wildcard..afc championship again..we will lose to the eventual champs…the denver broncos

  2. Harlem World Says:

    *daps efl and the rest*

    sn: chuck inglish: smallville >>>

  3. Troyvul Says:

    Bills > Jets

  4. highsaiah thomas Says:

    football analysts:
    the jets have a brand new coach..with a rookie qb, no wr’s.. i mean the have cotchery and holmes but….defense that was ranked 18th last year..we see them finishing fourth in the division

    what actually happens: jets finish 10-6 go on to lose in the afc championships

    football anaylysts: jets are poised to go to the superbowl, they are a favorite, they have been to the afc championships for 2 years now, top 5 defense, the ground and pound is clicking.

    what actually happens: jets go 9-7 losing to the Giants which starts a downward spiral into them missing the playofs altogether.

    I’m fine with where we are…last year the Giants proved playing well all year doesnt matter..you just have to be playing well at the end

    daps HW..what it dew

  5. why? Says:

    Asian kids and ear gauging latinos already started lining up to buy this shit.

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