Video: Havoc – Separated (Real From The Fake)

The shots keep coming from Havoc. 13 EP coming soon.

Previously: Havoc Speaks On Mobb Deep’s Beef With Jay-Z (Video)

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12 Responses to “Video: Havoc – Separated (Real From The Fake)”

  1. Troyvul Says:


  2. Troyvul Says:

    90’s Hip hop fans have to sick

  3. Troyvul Says:

    I wonder how Alchemist feels? He was in the whip that night that lead to P going to Jail.

  4. E aka Mac with the Cheese Says:

    my name ring bells with penitentiary males – Joe88 Prodigy

  5. Troyvul Says:

    Havoc is not impressed with Prissy P

  6. E aka Mac with the Cheese Says:

    HIV P

  7. Troyvul Says:

    Pummled P

  8. Troyvul Says:

    Pansy P

  9. cOLD Says:

    prolaspe P.

  10. Das racist Says:

    Lol @ S.I.C.K.’s story.

    Cosign copping a physical copy of ‘Russian Roulette’ nonetheless.

  11. Harlem World Says:

    SMH @ Havoc still rolling with these QB peasantlife niccas

    No hopers, going nowhere – happy to live off welfare forever.

  12. mike jones Says:

    thats what happens wen you fk wit 50! the best rappers split!!!! FUCK YOU FAGGET ASS 50!!!!!

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