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Video: Havoc Admits to Dissing Prodigy on Twitter

“Mobb Deep is on hiatus, indefinitely, until things get hashed out. And eventually, the real story will come out…”

In this clip, Hav admits to AllHipHop what most of us already knew, that it was in fact him sending out those venemous tweets about P back in April.

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4 Responses to “Video: Havoc Admits to Dissing Prodigy on Twitter”

  1. Das racist Says:

    Lol/smh @ these niggas.

  2. ILLAIM Says:


  3. AFGun Says:

    well that just makes you look like a little bitch hav, now doesnt it. you both lost. p is a homo for dying for rick ross’ dick, and i actually gained a little respect for the cop for not working with him. this beef between the 2 of u derives from p selling his sould while in jail on some homo blackmail shit and not talkin bout illuminati no more and hav.. he just a burnt toast lookin ass nigga

  4. French Kevin Says:

    This what it sounds like….when we ride on our enemiiiiies

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