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Video: 8Ball – Lucky’s Theme Song

Ball drops a visual for the cinematic “Lucky’s Theme Song” off his Life’s Quest solo project, which is out tomorrow.

Previously: 8Ball ft. 2 Chainz – Don’t Bring Me Down

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7 Responses to “Video: 8Ball – Lucky’s Theme Song”

  1. Bricktop Says:

    Gorillas up to bat at home plate.

  2. cOLD Says:

    scraped balls fucking skeez scum > 8Ball – Lucky’s Theme Song

  3. cOLD Says:

    *sings the praises of pussy*

  4. cOLD Says:

    be clear tho

    puss >>> <

  5. cOLD Says:

    wondering what to tell my sons when they are of age, in regards to pussy.

    “pops never showed me, so many stories thats another”

    my old man never skooled me to the ways of the flower
    so just like him I fell into a spell from its power
    chasing it for days on, instead of getting my paper
    got hooked on the chase and thats all I can remember
    when I look back on my youth
    can’t see their faces but I remember the cooch
    what color panties how fat the ass was
    should of been on my job getting my stash on…

  6. Belize Says:

    this shyt hard! Classic 8ball ..man fuck any bitch that think otherwise

  7. cOLD Says:

    smh watched that vid on wshh… calesthetic king, or whatever. Dude was beastmode no homo…
    hopefully the vid ispired some of youse to put.down.the.chips.

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