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Don Streat ft. Kool G Rap – Vietnam Kidz

G Rap joins Baltimore MC Don Streat on a new cut.

Stream below and click through to purchase from Bandcamp.

You can also check out “Devil’s Workshop” the B-side to “Vietnam Kidz” here.

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5 Responses to “Don Streat ft. Kool G Rap – Vietnam Kidz”

  1. Big_seth Says:

    So here is a conclusion I have come to.

    NAS was born the greatest. He was destined to be that and don’t even have to try to make classics

    HOV became the greatest. He hustled and grinded and made himself who he wanted to be. Gave it his all back then to be that. He earned it

    Niether is less deserving of the title

  2. Jackson7 Says:

    Baltimore MC Don Streat


    one of Broad’s Ways Joe 88’s 13 Newport carriers?

  3. Jersey*Made*Me Says:

    LOL @ “Baltimore MC”

    RIP Noe and B Rich

    *pours out a little crab meats*

  4. The Shot Clock Says:

    fuck is yall talking about? Ross murderd Nas on the track.

    Nas flow is stale, he never evolved his style.

    he has the privilege of 1) putting out one of the greatet rap albums ever and 2) being from NY..a legend from NY

    and he’s been riding on that wave for years. and i respect the god dont get me wrong

  5. Praverb Says:

    Props for posting this banger…Dichter did an excellent job with the production and both emcees delivered awesome verses

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