Video: Chief Keef Interview w/ ThisisBooBoo

Keef vs. Jack Thriller.

Previously: Lil Reese ft. Chief Keef – Rap Shit (Prod. by Young Chop) [No DJ]

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8 Responses to “Video: Chief Keef Interview w/ ThisisBooBoo”

  1. Highsaiah Thomas Says:

    Video: Sugarhill Gang

    Homo rap

    They must be signed to Sugartank Records

    Yo these niggaz pants is mad tight..the nigga with the perm is gay as fuck

    What the fuck is a dippity? What the fuck these niggaz rappin bout?

  2. Jersey*Made*Me Says:

    eskay you lost your sense of humor b…

    You steam kush allday and eat off ad money,smile a little.

  3. 911 Says:


  4. Highsaiah Thomas Says: mind’s my best friend

    I dont have a twiiter or facebook..mondays and fridays be my binge days..days i mostly expell all the fuckery my brain been harvesting, shit I cant say around real people for fear of backlash, scorn and resentment.

    virtual friends > real friends

    i only need real friends for mundane partying, drinking, talking bout sports..but ya’ll niggaz get the introspective me.nullus

  5. Bricktop Says:

    *considers joining local blood chapter to demonstrate my enthusiasm for the 2012 Redskins*

  6. Bricktop Says:

    Does the sun move?

  7. 911 Says:

    What up with your knicks not resigning linsanity? I thought the dolan family was rolling in dough..

  8. French Kevin Says:


    let me know what you think please, thank you

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