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Video: SpaceGhostPurrp on Pitchfork’s +1

Pitchfork caught up with SGP before his performance at S.O.B.’s last month and he spoke on female fans, his live show and some other miscellany. He also said that everything is cool with him and A$AP Rocky, although as far as I can tell, this was recorded before he put this out.

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4 Responses to “Video: SpaceGhostPurrp on Pitchfork’s +1”

  1. The Cool Says:

    nah, Mac Miller was selling the mixtape which featured the Lord Finesse track

    the $10 million attached to the suit is for publicity and to speed up the possible out of court settlement

    pay them dues and pay that dude


    Nah I was kidding fam. I didn’t even listen to the clip but from what I’ve heard you’re right. The Miller kid didn’t even change the song title or anything.

  2. The Cool Says:

    Superman just played on the iphone. Might just  be Eminem’s goat song. 

  3. The Cool Says:

    We’ll be friends, I’ll call you again
    I’ll chase you around every bar you attend
    Never know what kind of car I’ll be in

  4. Bricktop Says:

    *daps the pope, the prime minister, and the president*

    high powered puppetry
    Whatchu tryna kick knowledge?

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