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Chief Keef: Eminem > Lil Wayne

This is FUSE’s version of that “A Day in NY w/ Chief Keef” video that Interscope put out yestsday, and it’s basically the same exact video except that it’s broken up with segments from a Q&A. For whatever inexplicable reason, one of the questions was “Lil Wayne or Eminem” and Keef went with Em, citing his lyrical abilities as the deciding factor.

I thought that was interesting given the fact that Keef, despite his obvious talent for creating bangers (or picking beats, depending on your perspective), seems to go out of his way to keep his lyrics as elementary as possible. I certainly wouldn’t have pegged him as the type of Rap fan who puts much stock in the intricate rhyme schemes and multis that Marshall is famous for. And that’s not to say Wayne isn’t lyrical, because he is, but he’s also a classic underachiver when it comes to the pen game.

Either way, you don’t hear too many 17 year old kids touting Em over Wayne these days.

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5 Responses to “Chief Keef: Eminem > Lil Wayne”

  1. Yasser Pair-a-gats Says:


  2. Yasser Pair-a-gats Says:

    Either way, you don’t hear too many 17 year old kids touting Em over Wayne these days.


    Jeez esgay let’s think about this for a sec, EM IS ALSO ON INTERSCOPE, WAYNE ISN’T. Maybe THAT has something to do with it??

  3. Bones Jackson Says:

    I’ve never heard anyone say Wayne is better than Em

  4. rex hussla Says:

    Why is this dude getting pushed so hard? [ll] It’s like all day everyday, even if somebody is associated with him they’re getting posts and blog love everywhere.

    All off one semi-hit song that got like 2 days of buzz from a Kanye remix?

  5. Scott Says:

    It probably has more to do with Keef being signed to the same label (Interscope) as Eminem.

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