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Video: Pharrell Photoshoot for Highsnobiety Magazine

A behind the scenes look at P’s photoshoot for the cover of Highsnobiety Magazine, Issue 5.

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One Response to “Video: Pharrell Photoshoot for Highsnobiety Magazine”

  1. cOLD Says:

    All we do is read and go over alphabets and numbers and shit like that. I can tell they wanna say something. Should I be the bigger man and go and ask them do they have a problem or should I wait to be approached by them? the lil homie is mad cool though. He likes to learn and by nature is always to teach. He tried to give me one of his Hot Wheels the other day and I declined. I think that might have hurt his feelings a little though, lol.

    ^ lol, yea… buy the little kid a hotwheel and give it to his parents as some sort of peace offering… if it isnt well received, the dead the whole situation and stop lil man from coming over.

    sad to make you point, little kid might get his feelings hurt. Tis what it is.

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