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K’La ft. Nas – Blame

Newcomer K’La gets a dope verse from Nasir for her single ‘Blame’.

Download: Link

Previously: Nas ft. DJ Green Lantern & Z – A Queens Story (Live In Paris)

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10 Responses to “K’La ft. Nas – Blame”

  1. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Cigarette Boats >>>>

    It needed to be said.

    Spitta keeps dropping quality release after quality release.

    ^3+ yrs man the nigga is having a legendary run project after project

    Sn: this woman is wifey material

  2. AmpGeez a.k.a. Amphernee Hardaway Says:

    Does she rap, sing or just look beautiful while gazing off into the distance?

    At any rate, she’s very Seattleable.

  3. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    Does she rap, sing or just look beautiful while gazing off into the distance?

    At any rate, she’s very Seattleable.

    whats with this seattle talk

    you out there?

    im fallin thru seattle later this summer

    where the bud , smut broads and spots should hit up at ?

  4. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Amp iont care what she does

    The pic alone sold me

    Let’s hope she’s a talentless trophy wife with a scared past

    Seattle here we come


  5. Shooter Says:

    Mr X, don’t let Eskay find out your posting Frank Ocean and giving Nasir props on his website

  6. Shooter Says:

    posting Frank Ocean


  7. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    whats with this seattle talk

    you out there?

    ^seattle has been deemed the place to redeem smuts/jumpoffs

    Cosign moving to Seattle wit a former pornstar and starting a new life

    Seattle=save her

  8. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    1996….Irving Plaza in downtown Manhattan…Me, my female cousin and her Bird Seed crew invited me to this Roots performance….Now I liked the song “Clones” But I wasn’t really into The Roots like that but my cousin was a club/party/concert head and she was always pushing everyone she knew to go with her whenever she was going to something involving crowds and music….I gave in and next thing I know i’m the the middle of a crowd watching the Roots perform…The Roots are doing there thing for about 20 minutes when they stopped the music and announced that a special guest had arrived….It was ODB…The crowd goes crazy…..My eyes are on the stage cuz this is ODB, that scary n*gga from the Wu tang clan who was walking in the streets of Brooklyn barefoot while doing an interview on public access TV.(Mind U….ODB had a special place in my heart and soul because that was the same guy who made me jump up and throw my CD radio on the floor from weed paranoa due to the fact that I was zoning out alone in my home one afternoon listening to ODB’s first album and the “babaaaaaaayaaaaaaayaaaaayaaaaayaaaayaaa” part towards the end of the song “Baby C’mon” had me thinking he was doing some sort of subliminal demon conjure and evil sprits would soon come out of the speakers if I didnt run to the radio and shut it off) So ODB’s on stage and some of the Roots members are telling the crowd to shhhh so ODb can speak. ODB clearly drunk goes on a tirade about how he just came out of jail and how his b*tch didnt even come see him and how b*tches aint sh*t and then just a whole bunch of mubo jumbo drunkeness…at first it was kinda exciting…But after about a minute of him slurring it was obvious he was really tilted cuz he started not making sense….He started talking about how n*ggaz could some times be b*tches too and gave a f*ck you to all things b*tch related….and he wasnt making any sense…he just kept saying that over and over again….By the 4th minute it started looking sad. At first u get this impression that it’s all a set up for him to do a song with The Roots..But it isn’t. He’s just rambling…..so around the forth minute someone taps him on the shoulder in which he replies “If you touch me again I’m gonna f*ck you up thats my word” the crowd goes crazy(let me also add that ODB was alone..there were no other Wu tang members around)…..so they let him talk for like 2 more minute and he’s saying nothing…he’s still mumbling something about b*tches are this and that and u can tell something is off..It just didnt look right……So after that 2 minutes The Roots start playing music over him (the “Clones” instrumental to be exact) and as soon as the music started playing ODB snapped…he started pulling a bunch of plugs out of equipment…The music stops….the crowd goes crazy…..Black Thought steps right in ODB’s face and the crowd goes hysterical(Mind u, I didnt even know his name at the time I just knew him as the main rapper from The Roots)…Now I’ll give it to Black Thought he showed heart for that…The scene reminded me of that moment in House Party when Martin jumped in Chills face after he kept bumping the Table..Martin didnt really want it and he started swallowing from fear…..Thats exactly how Black Thought looked when he jumped into ODB’s face, he didnt really want it….. ODB gave him the “N*gga I will kidnap you look” on his face. There was a face off for about 3 seconds…and when Black Thoughts people finally stepped in they were all pulling Black Thought back…But No one got near ODB…..dudes were just trying talk ODB into backing off on some ‘reason with him’ ish…..That Kidnap look is still on ODB’s face while a crowd of dudes had Black Thoght surrounded….Security was now surrouning ODB with non aggresive gestures and finally ODB walked off the stage still with no one touching him except for one person who was lightly tapping him on his shoulders as a gesture of saying “U dont have to do anymore Dirty no one wants it with u”….That kidnap stare still aimed at Black Thoughts direction as he walked off……The crowd was going bannana’s….all throughout I kept hearing my cousin go “Oh…..Oh……Oh” I remember thinking “Damn that big dude with the afro didnt do nothing but stand back and watch.”
    True Story



  9. AmpGeez a.k.a. Amphernee Hardaway Says:

    “If you touch me again I’m gonna f*ck you up thats my word”

    the crowd goes crazy

    The one man army Ason >>>>

  10. E aka Mac with the Cheese Says:

    cosign simping on broads and saving women

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