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Video: Snoop & Wiz Khalifa Do The News

Snoop and Wiz do a PTI style rundown of events that were current at the time they recorded this.

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3 Responses to “Video: Snoop & Wiz Khalifa Do The News”

  1. jderrida Says:

    yo but..where does individualism end? at what age? if you 70, wake up one day and decide to get your grandkids names tatted on your forehead but decide against it cause of public perception, then why you love america so much? Are we free? surely if you turn 30 and wear a durag or gold teeth you must not be sane..why dont you be like us? we all shaved our heads, wear foams and skinnies because were different


    I guess acting like an idiot is exercising your individualism.

  2. London Bloke Says:

    Rapid Post (II) <<<<

  3. whywonttheseniggasSTFU Says:

    Nigga.. wiz really gone…

    nigga just smokin his whole brain away…

    snoop look like a fuckin crackhead…

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