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Clams Casino – Instrumental Tape 2 (B-Sides) (Mixtape)

Just got finished listening to this. Shit’s kinda jamming. For whatever reason, these tracks weren’t on Instrumental Tape 2, but still made it out to the Internet courtesy of Clams himself.

Download: Link

01. Always Have a Choice [Havoc]
02. Cold Feet [Mac Miller]
03. Live From Da Hood [Lil B]
04. Never Understand [Squadda B]
05. 1 Time Remix [Lil B]
06. Coldness [Sha Stimuli]
07. 23 Dollars [Sha Stimuli]

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2 Responses to “Clams Casino – Instrumental Tape 2 (B-Sides) (Mixtape)”

  1. Jackson7 Says:

    this crackers beats is overrated..

    same with harry fraud

  2. J. Caesar Says:

    you buggin’ man^^^^

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