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Video: Prodigy Talks Beef with Tupac

P explains how the “New York, New York” and “L.A., L.A.” videos helped spark the Mobb Deep beef with Tupac. Then he talks about how “Hit ‘Em Up” was one of the first ‘Pac songs he actually liked because at the time neither he nor anybody in his crew really fucked with ‘Pac’s music. Which is more in line with how I remember the 90’s in New York, as opposed to the myth some New Yorkers will try to sell you about how they always fucked with ‘Pac. With the exception of a couple of singles, I don’t recall ‘Pac getting any real signifigant love in the Apple prior to the Makavelli album.

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5 Responses to “Video: Prodigy Talks Beef with Tupac”

  1. rex hussla Says:

    Video: Prodigy Talks Beef with Tupac


    I have to pause this due to recent events

    Reminiscent of FBM telling Bx Blue to “meat him” in the streets of NY

  2. Jackson7 Says:


    ny niggas never fucked with foreigners like Pac or Outkast when they first came up.


  3. rex hussla Says:

    “C’mon eskay! Autoplay ads on nahright?!?!?! You don’t got no love for commentors?!?!?!?!!”

    *Snoop at the Source Awards voice*

  4. AFGun Says:

    um wtf u talkin bout pac got no love. maybe he went over lil niggaz heads but we was all ridin wit pac long b4

  5. 22_Karat Says:

    is this nigga suckin on a life saver or something? every 2 seconds you can hear him smackin his teeth and shit that damn mic is too close to his fuckin mouth..

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