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Video: 9th Wonder – The Wonder Year (Preview)

For those who haven’t caught 9th Wonder’s 2011 documentary The Wonder Year, here is a preview of the first 8 minutes for your visual enjoyment. If you like what you see, you can purchase the DVD and support the super producer’s project now.

In related news, Professor Wonder has another documentary in production, which will chronicle his time as a Hip-Hop Archive Fellow at Harvard University’s W.E.B. Dubois Institute.

Previously: 9th Wonder & CyHi The Prynce In The Studio

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7 Responses to “Video: 9th Wonder – The Wonder Year (Preview)”

  1. rex hussla Says:


    The Rothschild affair buys him some time, restores his buzz. But it also affords him an unusual kind of aura. After all, she’s a Rothschild, progeny of that famous, shadowy family that has, for the past 250 years or so, secretly governed the world, controlled the economy, commissioned biographies about themselves in order to downplay their power, and generally provided endless sustenance for casual anti-Semitism everywhere.


    Should be nah right lite status…thank me later Legend

  2. Shooter Says:

    Had no idea Jay Elec went to an upscale private school

  3. Shooter Says:

    LMAO @ James harden look completely awkward and lefthanded and slewfooted, but that nigga is hella productive and efficient…

    like Rondo, theres no father to his style

    I see a little Ginobilli in his game tho

  4. ayo Says:

    “One day she gonna dream big, the way kids do, you know.
    And she gonna come to me and ask me
    when she grow up, can she become president?
    Now, I know that little girl got a ho for a mama and a trick for a daddy,
    that nobody even know where he at. But I tell you something.
    I’m gonna look her right in the eye…
    …and I’m gonna lie.
    Because sometimes
    that’s what you gotta do.”

    Hustle and Flow >>>

    Dont be ludacris

  5. Jackson7 Says:

    i be seeing gary payton in Rondo’s game

  6. Carlos Voltron Says:

    I didn’t know Ibaka could make shots like that…

  7. Jackson7 Says:

    welp…lebron chewing his fingernails and mouthguard again…

    its thunders time

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