Video: ItsTheReal vs. Danny Brown & Ludcaris @ Bonnaroo

Probably the only time Danny and Ludacris will share a headline, although stranger things have happened.

Ludacris performs “Jingaling” at Bonnaroo

Previoulsy: Questlove, Mac Miller & Talib Kweli Interviews w/ ItsTheReal @ Bonnaroo

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One Response to “Video: ItsTheReal vs. Danny Brown & Ludcaris @ Bonnaroo”

  1. JDS of the Cobra Kai Dojo Says:

    just let me know if you want war or peace..i accommodate both…don’t talk out both sides of your mouth or rewrite history.


    The fuck are you on about, man?

    You could have laughed the quiznos shit off, but now you want want to go to war?

    You all types of sensitive today.

    I’m not talking two sides of nothing. You got aggy so I shot back.

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