Video: A$AP Rocky & Danny Brown on Sex, Drugs & The Music Industry

Rocky and Danny shoot the shit about the type of chicks they prefer and their preferred social networks for finding such women, that bitch Molly, and what they dislike about the industry.

UPDATED with pt. 2 after the jump.

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7 Responses to “Video: A$AP Rocky & Danny Brown on Sex, Drugs & The Music Industry”

  1. why? Says:


  2. 911 Says:

    These NBA finals tonight though..
    I’ll holla at you nahggas later.

  3. Das racist Says:




  4. Kush Kennedy Says:

    Everyday all day we parlay and sip
    pints of lean in 2 liters with a fat ass grip

  5. Kush Kennedy Says:

    Fuck the finals, 2 most flopping teams in the league

  6. Danny Ocean Says:

    Elle Varner >>>>

    “Refill” >>>>

    homegirl so lightskin and wavy, full lips, lovely curves..everything I love about life

    gladly pay for her lifestyle…no shame (c) hw

  7. AFGun Says:

    word danny brown is a homo

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