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Video: Joey Bada$$ – Hard Knock

I had an interesting conversation with my boy about this kid the other day. While we both agree the kid is nice, something wasn’t sitting right with my man about his steez. From his perspective, homeboy’s style and content are dope, but ring insincere because they don’t neccessarily reflect the ideals and “swagger” of his fellow generation of millenial MCs. Like maybe he found one of Nas or Prodigy’s old rhymebooks and he’s using it as a How to Rap handbook or some shit.

I hear where he’s coming from because there’s certainly been alot of that in Hip-Hop over the last decade: the repurposing of bygone eras and all of their associated nostalgia into a nice little slickly produced faux-retro marketing strategy. I guess you could call it Instagram-Rap. That being said, I don’t get any of that from this kid. And the fact of the matter is, rapping like this nowadays is probably more of a liability than anything else.

Hit the jump for a look at Joey’s creative process as a he creates a “Song From Scratch” for a new series from Yours Truly and adidas Originals.

At first glance, 17-year-old Joey Bada$$ is like any of the cool kids at school: confident, and reluctant to reveal his secrets. On a Thursday after school, Joey and his Pro-Era crew assembled at Brooklyn’s Dunham Studios –backpacks filled with laptops, laptops filled with loops– to create a new song, from scratch. Within minutes, the beat Chuck Strangers made only the night before sent Joey searching the insides of his eyelids for bars beyond his years. “Daily Routine,” the first in Yours Truly and Adidas Originals “Songs From Scratch” series, was written right there on the couch in the control room and will be available for free download tomorrow.

Joey’s “Daily Routine” will be available for download tomorrow.

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12 Responses to “Video: Joey Bada$$ – Hard Knock”

  1. b Says:

    he aint wack tho

  2. MiddleClassJoe Says:

    Did those two post pics yet?

    Stop talking all that other shit and post a pic. All that talk and can’t post a single picture.

    Don’t care if this is old news, that’s some nonsense.

  3. Das racist Says:

    Cosign Joey.

  4. tHe kiD franKiE Says:

    Harlem World
    10 mins ago
    sheneka adams >>>>>>

    thats one fine ass slut

    ^once efl opened my eyes to some of the facts it made her look funny in the light her resume is decorated w Ls but what hoes isn’t

    That being said she’s a certified dime to me fuck what u heard


    Simp on site

  5. Harlem World Says:


    first vid was ok, a little boring tho

    definitley got lyrics

  6. tHe kiD franKiE Says:

    Shenecka might be finer than da goat Melissa Ford

    It’s close to me

  7. Dos Equis Says:

    Sheneka a 1 fuck..one you fuck that’s not one that you’d wife..I waouldnt call her average but she ain’t all that after the nuts bussed.

    JOey badass aint gon make it to that big stage, he gon be on the festival stage..Nas need to scoop the lil homie though, teach him how to live as a people’s rapper for a career while the asaps andodd futures flame out.

  8. Kush Kennedy Says:

    I want to smash Cutie Asian Co-Worker so bad… smh.

    Can’t shit where you eat though.

    JDS, you BETTER smash this bitch, or atleast attempt to.

    Fuck them rules b.

  9. tHe kiD franKiE Says:


  10. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    Stop talking all that other shit and post a pic. All that talk and can’t post a single picture.

    >ew! no one wants to sees pictures of niggas that casket be fuckin! chill.

  11. jderrida Says:

    Chief Keef’s buzz dried up quickly.

  12. tHe kiD franKiE Says:

    Chief Keef’s buzz dried up quickly.
    ^tyler creator
    Fred god
    95% them xxl freshman…

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