Video: Trae The Truth ft. J.Cole, Gudda Gudda, Jadakiss, Tyga, Bun B, B.o.B, Mark Morrison, Big K.R.I.T., Kendrick Lamar – Im On 2.0

Previously: Trae Tha Truth ft. T.I. – Let It Go (Freestyle) (Video)

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36 Responses to “Video: Trae The Truth ft. J.Cole, Gudda Gudda, Jadakiss, Tyga, Bun B, B.o.B, Mark Morrison, Big K.R.I.T., Kendrick Lamar – Im On 2.0”

  1. Hollywood Cole Says:

    Twista – Adrenaline Rush >

  2. b-ease Says:

    Hollywood Cole
    2 hrs, 29 mins ago
    Twista – Adrenaline Rush >

    Song AND album.

  3. Tong Po Flo Says:

    Hollywood Cole
    2 hrs, 29 mins ago
    Twista – Adrenaline Rush >

    Song AND album.

    ^ co-sign

  4. Harlem World Says:

    This track is an epic clusterfuck.

  5. Harlem World Says:

    Cam’ron: White Girls >>>>>>>>>>>

    I fucking love double entendres, no homo

    so clever

  6. Shooter Says:

    blew off the burner kinda dusty…

  7. Harlem World Says:

    Big Sean gotta be the softest nicca to ever come from Detroit

    Even Em was pistolwhipping and popping off

    Dilla went hard in his rhymes too, no homo

  8. Harlem World Says:

    Still Po Pimpin (Chopped & Screwed version) >>>>>>

    FOCK (c) cOLD

    This sounds magical wow

    I wish I could give you this feeling, no homo

  9. Harlem World Says:

    shit, id be tempted to pop an x pill to this shit, if i was of that life

    no homo

    this is the shit astronauts listen to

    no gravity music

  10. Harlem World Says:

    A$AP Rocky – Wassup (Chopped & Screwed version) >>>>>>>>>

    this is another of them outer space tracks

    that deep moody bassline >>>>>>

    aliens travel through space to this shit

    fuck what i previously said about the young nicca

  11. Harlem World Says:

    Curren$y: Power Button >>>>>>

    damn, this is sitting on a cloud music for real

  12. Harlem World Says:

    fuck all that spaced out shit though

    bo deal: murda >>>>>>>>

    he got that slightly offbeat natural goon flow

    i can tell this nicca caught cases, moved herron

    “iron” “nina” – this is most def true thug vocab

  13. Harlem World Says:

    these brick squad tracks mane!

    they got the hardest music out right now, hands down

    the beats are so intense – uhhhhh

    and waka got a style like a drill sergeant

    these niccas aint masterminds like mmg

    nah, this for the niccas high at night, popping shots at niccas

  14. Harlem World Says:

    shyne before jail >>>>>>

    hardest to ever do it

    niccas g was so authentic, that even thou he was the son of a president

    niccas still said SO WHAT

    his mind was totally corrupted

  15. Harlem World Says:

    jay is really the only nicca in the mainstream still on that grimy shit

    fuck a watch the throne

    jigga, tell me how you flipped that work

    i wanna hear how you was in other niccas hoods, taking over their blocks

    what happened when niccas came up short?? did you get the young niccas to dumbout on the whole block

    quality street music >>>>>

  16. Harlem World Says:–falls-rapper-called-Jay-Electronica.html

    haha, i told yall this nicca was a false prophet – im a good judge of character

    always talking that 5% godbody shit

    but left his queen and seed for a white woman

    but cosign making rothschild mad – that album never seeing the light of day now tho

  17. 7v5a7 Says:–falls-rapper-called-Jay-Electronica.html

  18. Das racist Says:

    Hannibal Buress >>>

    This nigga hilarious.

  19. Harlem World Says:

    you lecturing niccas in your rhymes about the black mans struggle and poverty

    but you tucked up in bed with a white woman!

    not just any white woman either – a ROTHSCHILD!

    you illuminati my nicca!

    shits disgusting

    this is worse than ross c.o background

  20. Harlem World Says:

    nas the only nicca who can lecture me on wax, no homo

    the rest of these niccas gets no airtime

  21. Rajon Trondo Says:

    HW welcome back bruh

    U got a hulkshare for that spitta LP yet?

  22. Harlem World Says:

    sup trondo

    i cant be downloading the gawd mc

    strictly purchase

  23. Harlem World Says:

    roc nation gonna end up blackballing themselves

    j coles career has pretty much been ended by the simmons family

    sideline story will be his first and only album, rip my nicca

    and jay e is fucking elite aristocrat niccas wives, whose families done bought whole continents and national banks

  24. Free J Says:

    no one is payin attention the simmons liek that. Cole will sell..AGAIN. nobody outside blogs was really checkin for Jay Elec anyhow. he will never be commercially viable but always talented. oh and

    Kendrick Lamar>>>>>>

    i think u mentioned drugs earlier HW…this song would def. go good while rolling (ecstacy)

  25. Rajon Trondo Says:

    If your career is ended by Rush or even Run, I guess u can chalk that to the industry connects .. But Diggy?

    If young urkel takes u out the game, it’s time to re-evaluate your whole shit.

    RIP J Cole aka Memphis Bleek III

  26. Free J Says:

    naaaa….no one really paid attention to Diggy not to mention diggy caught alot of backlash for DEFENDING his family. so much that Daddy Simmons made a comment.

    that Jay Electronica read was funny tho

  27. Harlem World Says:

    @free j

    i have no proof

    but surely rev run wouldve made that call to hov

    j cole commited career suicide with one track

  28. Harlem World Says:

    oh shit, now mto have got a hold of this story

    no black woman will ever buy a jay e record or concert ticket again!

  29. Harlem World Says:

    chief keef: aimed at you >>>>

    im on that bandwagon!

    this def goin on the exercise playlist

    knock out some pushups to this, no homo

  30. Harlem World Says:

    see the game i was dropping just the other day tho

    an extra bad black woman (8-10) is too expensive right now

    jay e was or is fucking a white girl who is a billionairess

    but no bad black woman (broke or paid) was giving him spins, (erykah is a strong 7, keep it 100)

    im on my latina/vewg swag right now, until the price drops

  31. why? Says:

    Jay Electronica hasn’t been with Badu for a while now…

  32. Tong Po Flo Says:

    blew off the burner kinda dusty…

    ^ The world can’t touch Ghost, purple tape Rae co-host/
    Monty Hall expo, intellect you red pro/

    Mighty Healthy >>>>>>

    Still a constant on my ipod

    lf: just saw that avengers flicka, it was pretty dope but a few questions.

    1. why do movie theaters be dumb cold tho when it’s all cool and breeze out still?
    2. Spolier Alert: What do Thanos has to do with the Avengers, I thought ol dude was the enemy of the Silver Surfer?
    3. Scarlett johannson gotta be the baddest kizzette out right now, I’ma right tho?

  33. Das racist Says:

    just saw that avengers flicka, it was pretty dope



    I thought It would’ve been rubbish a la Thor, Captain America & the Iron Man movies.

  34. Tong Po Flo Says:

    I thought It would’ve been rubbish a la Thor, Captain America & the Iron Man movies.

    ^ I thought so too, it had it’s slow moments but overall it was good

  35. Free J Says:

    i actually liked thor and iron man was aite. nosign capt america movies, comics…boy scout of superheroes.

    we’ll see when j cole drops that next mixtape.

    peace yall

  36. Jackson7 Says:

    cosign Badu being no more than a 7 with a cute ass…

    WOW @ Timothy Thedford getting coochie from a married Rothschild heiress…even if she is an ugly bag of bones…

    illuminati/masonry is not a game…

    somebody gotta die…within 12-18 months

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