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Curren$y ft. Pharrell – Chasin Paper

Spitta brings in P who borrows the melody from “O-O-H Child” for the chorus on this latest Stoned Immaculate drop.

Previously: Snoop & Curren$y Talk Trees

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26 Responses to “Curren$y ft. Pharrell – Chasin Paper”

  1. Yasser Pair-a-gats Says:

    Co-sign Ras Kass having a brighter future working for an organic hot dog stand [ll].

    Nicca was Source Unsigned Hype in like 1994.

    1994, my nicca.

    We almost talking decades now. Plural decades.

    Niccas need new lines of employment.

    I might open an employment bureau for rappers and advertise right here on NahRight.

    Mickey Factz could be my spokesman.

    For a warm cup of soup and a blanket the nicca would give me 6 months of devoted labor – I KNOW his ass needs the help.

  2. Jersey*Made*me Says:

    no-sign heavy tongued rappers….

    >>>>>>>>mush mouth

  3. Chief Ali Says:

    no-sign heavy tongued rappers….



  4. Hoskins Says:

    best track that has leaked so far

  5. b Says:

    I dont have to hear this to know it sucks.


  6. Kush Kennedy Says:

    Jerz, I agree to disagree, cos we both are set.

    Just saying, how do you beat the two best talents in the league, with 47 free available points?

    That shit is unheard of

    Oh yeah, any objection, they fine you like Cam saying Def Jam

  7. donkey punch Says:

    baghdad, illinois

  8. tHe kiD franKiE Says:


  9. Kush Kennedy Says:

    David Stern’s a pimp, and lebron is his most money-making bitch, of course he wants dude up front and center of attention.

    Even if he only hits 7 shots from the floor

  10. Jackson7 Says:

    this nigga rhyme like his tonsils sore

  11. donkey punch Says:

    caracas illinois

  12. donkey punch Says:

    port-au prince illinois

  13. brolic fonts Says:

    pretty cool

  14. brolic fonts Says:

    dont know about the hook tho, but hey

  15. cOLD Says:

    Hit hard yo Illinois

  16. cOLD Says:

    Embargo Illinois

  17. Jackson7 Says:


    Lebron James & Caesar from Planet Of The Apes

    they even run & jump the same way

  18. brolic fonts Says:

    marbles in the mouth flow is what the fans looking for. thats why 50 aint doing so well, his mouth done healed from the marble flow when he 1st went mainsttream

  19. cOLD Says:

    It’s dark yo Illinois

  20. brolic fonts Says:

    lol, niggas’ll always go at what you hold dear

  21. brolic fonts Says:

    curenthee >>>

  22. Harlem World Says:





  23. cOLD Says:

    Sin, ergo Illinois

  24. tHe kiD franKiE Says:

    Rip Chi Town

  25. brolic fonts Says:

    Cairo Illinois

  26. cOLD Says:

    Cairo Illinois

    ^ oh my!

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