Deniro Farrar & Shady Blaze – The Ballad Of Lost Souls

Deniro Farrar and Shady Blaze sell their souls to the illuminati take it back to Ancient Egypt before putting out their collaborative album. Production by Keyboard Kid.

Download: Link

Props to Complex.

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13 Responses to “Deniro Farrar & Shady Blaze – The Ballad Of Lost Souls”

  1. brolic fonts Says:

    no shots, but the cover arts been getting wacker and wacker. if i was graphic artist id probably cry daily

  2. Dos Equis Says:

    Why Chicago though?

    Yall got good pizza, great sports teams, fly bitches, a thriving drug trade, steadman and ya’ll aint gary, indiana or nothing…like wtf?

    LF: maybe if the Cubs won one year crime would decrease exponentially?

    *daps sick

    Yoooo them sundresses is killas man..they be moving in slow motion, then your brain start imaginin, then she’ll do some shit like grab the skirt at the bottom in the front so it cuffs the ass slightly ..too much guess too old for games b, that ass fat or not ma?

  3. Harlem World Says:

    yawwwwns at this track

  4. Casket Face Says:

    doesn’t listen off the strength of the cover …fuck is that? MS paint nigga?

  5. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    0 mins ago
    Brolic Fonts
    0 mins ago
    should I cancel the chicago trip? niggas is scary, b

    ^you good bro. Just don’t set yourself up to be a victim of a flash mob downtown or go to nobodies hood trying to stunt around niggas youre not too familiar with.

    Only niggas that get robbed is niggas to be doin’ too much or trying to portray flashy lifestyles. You know, niggas walking around at night with big ass Beats By Dre’s on volume all the way up, not paying attention because they think they look cool and whatnot. Or driving at night with the system all the turned up. A youngin’ will blast you, the passenger and any people watching too hard and take it right to the chop shop.

    You’re all good if you just pay attention.

  6. Casket Face Says:

    Yall got good pizza, great sports teams, fly bitches


    fixed for inaccuracy

  7. tHe kiD franKiE Says:

    Never heard of em

  8. Chief Ali Says:

    Troubleshooter1900 Says:
    May 30th, 2012 at 12:33 pm


    he types the truth.

    Yo TS, you familiar with that tattoo artist Ryan Henry? Homie throws a Memorial Day BBQ every year over on 67th and Ridgeland (I know). I went to this year’s on Monday, and soon as I parked the whip and rounded the corner on 68th I heard a slew of gunshots and the return fire, seen all these pretty, thick chicks running and screaming, turned around and walked my ass back to the car. One of the guys who got shot ended up dying on the spot which is really fucked up b/c the whole situation popped off on some petty shit.

    Niggas need to put them burners down and use them fists to settle disputes. We’d all stand a chance of living longer.

  9. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    fixed for inaccuracy


    Exactly what you did there, smh…

    Dollar and a dream ass niggas b.

  10. Dos Equis Says:

    graphic artist id probably cry daily

    shits crazy out here as far as commercial artwork go..i used to do like at least 2-3hunnid a week only on low budget bullshit fliers, bus cards etc…now everybody with a computer doing they own print or whatever..

    rappers shooting they own videos dslr cameras
    models taking they own pics with iphones

    If i wasn’t so diversified id probably fucking crawl up in a wheelchair for a few months

  11. tHe kiD franKiE Says:

    Damn I’m never ever goin to Chicago

    That sound like a wasteland

  12. tHe kiD franKiE Says:

    I ride Benz on chrome 2k in my ears

    Them niggas I’ll chew me up out there (n)


  13. brolic fonts Says:

    I ride Benz on chrome 2k in my ears

    Them niggas I’ll chew me up out there (n)


    ^b in 4,3,2….

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