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GLC – Cathedral (Mixtape)

GLC teams up with Blended Babies for his newest release Cathedral.

1. Cathedral (Prod. Blended Babies)
2. My Mella (Prod. Blended Babies)
3. Nation Piece (Prod. Blended Babies)
4. Time.Sex.Money (Prod. Blended Babies)
5. Empty Town (Prod. Blended Babies)
6. Pimp You (Prod. Blended Babies)
7. Dirty Mackin’ (Prod. Blended Babies)
8. Custom Detail (Prod. Blended Babies)
9. Get Paper Stack Change (Prod. Blended Babies)
10. Black 3’s (Prod. Blended Babies)
11. 11.My Downfall (Prod. Blended Babies)

Download: Link

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48 Responses to “GLC – Cathedral (Mixtape)”

  1. T Nelson Says:

    somebody might want to tell Eskay Big KRIT’s album is streaming on NPR

  2. Das racist Says:

    Blended Babies >>>

    They’ve been lacing Asher with some dope beats.

    Nosign GLC tho.

  3. b Says:

    It’ll be like both of our chain,but it will stay on my neck

  4. Jersey*Made*me Says:

    It’ll be like both of our chain,but it will stay on my neck


  5. b Says:

    Niggas realy shouldn’t be robbing each other at concerts tho,he just came out to have a good time and watch arms and nuts,he ain’t deserve that.

  6. 7v5a7 Says:

    Damn Eskay, You got Mr.X posting on the holiday & you still haven’t added his contact info on the site…#Mr. X gonna jump over to 2dopeboyz if u keep fucking around.

  7. b Says:

    Lemme find out you tryna contact mr x

  8. Kush Kennedy Says:

    It’ll be like both of our chain,but it will stay on my neck


  9. Harlem WORLD Says:

    Blended Babies produced one of my favorite Cudi tracks

    The End >>>>

    it had Om’mas Keith of Sa-Ra on bass

  10. Harlem WORLD Says:

    Speaking of Sa-RA, I peeped Taz Arnold’s latest project – Rad America

    Heyzeus Christ, you have to be X’d up or ski’d up to enjoy some of those tracks

    I understand what he’s tryna do, but some of those tracks are WTF status

    definitley the most leftfield project I’ve heard in a long time

  11. Harlem WORLD Says:

    Saigon was right about everything he said, shame he retracted his statement.

    I been saying the same shit, but it falls on deaf ears.

    To be honest, I can’t blame niccas. We all got problems, some more than others.

    Music = escapism for some.

  12. Harlem WORLD Says:

    Mac: Uptown Veterans >>>>>>

    Been spinning this tape for a couple days now – Top 5 Southern lyricist

    He was the Southern version of Nas imo

    voice, imagery, subject matter reminded me a lil of Nasir

    SMH @ Percy putting niccas like Silkk before Mac, he could’ve been a legend

    His lyrics have me thinking about life

  13. Harlem WORLD Says:

    Mac: Sonuva >>>>>
    Mac: Callin Me >>>>>
    Mac: The Truth, The Way & The Light >>>>>
    Mac: Lock Down Remix >>>>>
    Mac ft: BG: Niccas in Trouble >>>>>

    “He never cared about Momma, he cussed her out
    when she started flipping on him , he bust her mouth”

    “As I recall his last words was fuck y’all
    the 357 left his brains decorating the wall”

    “Cus I’d do anything to move on
    and play a game of Peek a Boo with my newborn”

    “Our Father, who art in heaven
    Do you love me more than this Mac 11, I carry for my protection?”

    Free Mac

  14. Harlem WORLD Says:

    Mac: Camouflage 94-99 >>>>>>

    Nas shoulda had him on IllWill Records just because. He done 2 tracks with him previously.

  15. Harlem WORLD Says:

    Late Pass:

    Bo Deal ft Waka & Chief Keef: Murda >>>>>

    I should be ashamed to cosign such a track.

    But I’m not.

    LF: Shyne first album = Possibly one of the hardest gangsta rap albums ever

  16. b-ease Says:

    Blended Babies produced one of my favorite Cudi tracks

    The End >>>>

    Crazy record.

  17. Harlem WORLD Says:

    *applauds Complex for the Making of IWW story*

    Weird how that Lexus line was at Jigga

    I was listening to Vol 2 the other dat, which was made after IWW and on Paper Chase, Jigga says:

    “between the driver & the passenger where the TV rest
    for my top draft picks I copped the new GS”

    Damn, Jigga really does put his real life in his rhymes. Extra detailed.

  18. Harlem WORLD Says:

    Boldy James: Concrete Connie >>>>>

    I not heard too much from the kid, but this shit is poetry for real.

    “she put a nicca on, you cut my fuse
    and took a niccas soul when you upped and moved”

    That line hit me hard for some reason.

  19. b Says:

    Whaddup hdub

  20. Harlem WORLD Says:

    Curren$y: Your Direction >>>>>>

    He was in the matrix on that one – painting that picture.

    “Oh what a tragedy, when a player retires from the game
    And baby I done hung my jersey up and untied my shoestrangs
    My horoscope said prepare for change – mane”

    Flow so good it should be made illegal.

  21. Harlem WORLD Says:

    Sup B

    also Bease and whoever else

  22. Harlem WORLD Says:

    Pusha T >>>>>

    Your favorite rappers favorite rapper.

  23. Harlem WORLD Says:

    The Recipe is still so fucking good!

    They need to shoot the vid to this.

    1st verse stunting at the airport

    then cuts to slow mo shots of Cali in the daytime -with the “women, weed & weather”

    then switch to nightime Cali to make the contrast with the “Black Hippy” shit

    instead of focusing on cliche’s of lowriders and gang members

    then throw in some cameos from every west coast legend

    just getting my Colin Tilley on, no homo

  24. Shooter Says:

    The Recipe is still so fucking good!

    Song of the year contender for sure

  25. Harlem WORLD Says:

    Dre’s 2nd verse needs an ill exotic looking stripper looking right in the camera, when shes dancing

    like the one who comes on at the end of Next Episode video, when the beat switches up

    then Dre blows smoke into the lens, no homo

    all in extra sloooow mooo of course

  26. Shooter Says:

    The NBA Countdown crew <<<<<<<<

    They may be the worst to ever do it

  27. Harlem WORLD Says:

    Shooter Says:
    May 28th, 2012 at 7:34 pm

    The Recipe is still so fucking good!

    Song of the year contender for sure

    It’s the sample for me

    the way she’s just singing away to herself

    mad eerie but relaxing

  28. Harlem WORLD Says:

    Sir Michael Rocks: Neiman Marcus >>>>>>

    This kid is a star smh

    “let me just remind ya
    niccas kill niccas for wet vagina”

    He rhyming that exotic, jetsetter shit.

    Inspiration to get that paper, so I can try and hit Brazil this summer.

  29. Harlem WORLD Says:

    “we only do designer drugs” (c) Mikey Rocks

    The audacity!

    Would look cool on a t shirt.

  30. Harlem WORLD Says:

    I wanna cop a Chevy just so I can lean in the drivers seat to Get It Together

    thats one funky beat right there

  31. Sir Fakely Deep Says:

    if every song is produced by the same dude, you don’t need to do the (prod. by … shit after every title SMDH

  32. Das racist Says:

    Pusha T >>>>>



    Who got a download link for ‘Exodus 23:1’?

  33. ayo Says:

    ghost rider, ghost writer, jingles, and one liners

    pen game real strong

    Fuck UPS…YOU should hire me

    *shoots at the stars*

  34. ayo Says:

    “we only do designer drugs” Would look cool on a t shirt.


    Probable cause to be searched by cops status

  35. ayo Says:

    What belongs to me, belongs to me

    Not the game or anybody else

    but dont wet that

    I gotchu

  36. Big_seth Says:

    I hope this pusha/ wayne need blows out of proportion

    I really do.

  37. ayo Says:

    Sweat Da Tekneek >>>

  38. Shooter Says:

    Referees were snitches in past lifes

  39. Danny Ocean Says:

    say word niggas is championing a Kendrick Lamar song of all things

    gotta check the elf sounding nigga out

    meanwhile…Dom Kennedy x My Type Of Party >>>>>>>

    summer anthem status

  40. Jackson7 Says:

    *daps harlem world*

  41. Kush Kennedy Says:

    Lebron be dapping up refs after games

    We see you b.

  42. Jackson7 Says:

    shane battier-obama ballin

  43. Jackson7 Says:

    Heats defense so good it seems like they playin 7 against 5 sometimes

  44. Danny Ocean Says:

    that star studded Vegas nights Ciroc commercial >>>>

    it’s been in rotation, but still dope. Diddy ain’t playing fair.

  45. Danny Ocean Says:

    miami styling on these fuckbois

    I give Rondo his props but thats where it stops

  46. Danny Ocean Says:

    lmaooo @ Lebron “Black Frankenstein” James (c)

    nickname couldn’t be more accurate

  47. Danny Ocean Says:

    *slides home*

  48. Tong Po Flo Says:

    Blended Babies >>>

    They’ve been lacing Asher with some dope beats.

    Nosign GLC tho.

    ^ alladat

    lf: michelle rodriguez tho >>>>>

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