Ludacris – Jingalin

First single off Luda’s upcoming album Ludaversal dropping later this year. Produced by Da Internz.

Previously: Future ft. Diddy & Ludacris – Same Damn Time (Remix)

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10 Responses to “Ludacris – Jingalin”

  1. JDS of the Cobra Kai Dojo Says:

    *daps the seasection* has to catch on now

  2. Fyodor Drostoevsky Says:

    “i also have a csection on my hair line.”

    The fuck?

  3. Big_seth Says:

    Fyodor Drostoevsky
    7 mins ago
    Googled Britni Z. after reading about Vertical nipple and clit piercings… First thing that pops up, florida arrest for possession of cocaine, xanex, and oxycodone.

    *Turns up Soulja Boy’s Zan wit that Lean


  4. Big_seth Says:

    Seasection tho…


  5. Das racist Says:

    Nosign Luda.

  6. Das racist Says:

    ‘A 21-year-old man from Auburn, Wash., has been charged with felony assault after slapping a 10-year-old boy so hard that he knocked the kid’s tooth out. The kid was causing a ruckus at a movie theater. According to Yong Hyun Kim, he approached the boy, his mother, and a friend and asked them to keep the volume down and to stop throwing popcorn at the screen.

    When they laughed at him, continuing to be loud, he snapped and smacked flames out of the kid. The boy suffered a bloody nose in addition to the lost tooth. When Kim was told how old the kid was, he hung his head in shame because he thought he was “a grown man.” You can’t distinguish a 4th grader from a grown-ass man?’


    Cosign slapping loud children.

  7. jderrida Says:

    >>> Ludacris

  8. Fyodor Drostoevsky Says:

    Struggle is not a sign of weakness, it builds strength and character. All good things must be fought for, for they don’t come easy, and achieving goals is the largest accomplishment. – one of the chicks on strip club jobs

    Shut up bitch.

  9. Fyodor Drostoevsky Says:

    *Dead. No. Fucking. Words.

  10. Das racist Says:

    ’34-year-old dentist Anna Mackowiak of Wroclaw, Poland is looking at jail time for exacting revenge on her ex-boyfriend and removing all of his teeth because he left her for another woman. 45-year-old Marek Olszewski thought he was being the bigger man when he went to see Mackowiak for a toothache mere days after leaving her and he ended up being violated.

    After heavily sedating him, she proceeded to yank each tooth from his mouth and wrapped his head and jaw in a bandage to prevent him from opening it. When he woke, she told him there had been complications and that he would need to see a specialist.

    When he returned home, he made the horrifying discovery that she had yanked every single one of his teeth out. Still, he managed to be unintentionally hilarious in his recollection of the incident:

    “When I got home I looked in the mirror and couldn’t f****** believe it. The b**** had emptied my mouth.”



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