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Video: Jon Connor – Just Paper

Directed by Puma for The Program LLC.

Previously: Jon Connor – Someone Like Me (Video)

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2 Responses to “Video: Jon Connor – Just Paper”

  1. Yasser Pair-a-gats Says:

    jderrida Says:
    May 21st, 2012 at 11:37 am
    I told myself, when I’m older, I’m gonna take care of whatever I have to, to ensure that I will never have to deny my kids anything they desire.



    But for argument sake, you can leave a nine year old in front of a TV for 15 minutes only.

    The probability of the kid drowning in the toilet or some crazy shit happening is 0.001%…


    this reminds me.

    did anybody else see the video of the couple that put their kid in the laundry machine at the laundrymat and the spin cycle started.

    That shit was beyond cray.

    You should have to apply to have kids and the state should have to license you.

    SWURR (c) Big Sean

    Here’s the story on the couple:


  2. jderrida Says:

    Why would eskay BBQ some hotdogs and burgers for you bummy niggas when you earn him $2 a day for doing nothing?

    This isn’t 2dopeboys…People on here are fucking crazy…Someone would get murked…

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