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Mase – What You Do

Murda Mase raps over Gucci Mane’s ‘Wasted’ record. Taken from DJ Smallz “Civil War Vol 3″ mixtape.

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8 Responses to “Mase – What You Do”

  1. myl0s Says:

    this aint the ‘wasted’ beat.

  2. Tong Po Flo Says:

    Pastor Mason > Murda Ma$e

  3. Strongchef Says:


  4. b Says:

    When clr spit its art like when seth draw

  5. ayo Says:

    Everything going according to plan…WHO’S DA MAN?

  6. Latarian Milton Says:

    Wow Mase changed it from ‘Ricky Retardo Flow’ to ‘Falsetto Ricky Retarded Flow’…wtf lol smfh…it’s ok tho the gaym need u Pastor – Spend that Munnay!!!!!!!

  7. b Says:

    >>>>>>puffy rapping

    He’s not even good enough to mask the ghostwriter on his verses,I can tell when rick ross or whoever wrote his verse.

    now dr dre on the other hand he is that nigga,I can only tell when eminem wrote his shit

  8. ayo Says:

    Hide your kids, lock your doors…

    Something wicked this way comes

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