Naledge – Rose Clicquot Freestyle

Naledge borrows another Nipsey beat for his latest freestyle.

Download: Link

Previoulsy: Naledge – 10 Toes Freestyle

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2 Responses to “Naledge – Rose Clicquot Freestyle”

  1. Bones Jackson Says:

    7. Were My Dogs At (Produced By Wayno)

    Was this misspelling intentional? Is Wayno actually Wine-O? Is there heaven for a G? Does X actually wonder where his dogs(homies) are at or is he actually talking about real dogs? Why are there 5 skits, intros, talking, etc on an 11 track ep? Why is he only rapping by himself on 2, maybe 3 of them? Did X think no one would notice the photoshop job? Is crack still in his system?

  2. Ayo Says:

    This aint a fucking cartoon best not fuck around in this life said some pinky ring nigga

    What you trying kick Naledge

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