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David Banner ft. Chris Brown – Amazing

Sex, Drugs & Video Games drops May 22nd for free.

Download: Link

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11 Responses to “David Banner ft. Chris Brown – Amazing”

  1. Das racist Says:

    Nosign this track on GP.

  2. Free J Says:

    *daps big seth*

    fuck this…too early for rapid post hour, peace yall

  3. donkey punch Says:

    I got diss tracks written about the top 10 screennames on nah

    and another set written dissing 5 of my masks in case I get out of line b

  4. b Says:

    bathe with pandas>>>david banner

  5. b Says:

    save it bamma>>>>>david banner

  6. donkey punch Says:

    spay lit bammas > david banner

  7. donkey punch Says:

    bathe wit grandma > david banner

  8. Jackson7 Says:

    sick hound > chris brown

  9. b Says:

    sick’s sound>>>>chris brown

  10. b Says:

    chris brown>>>>>sick drowned

  11. b Says:

    swizz’s feet>>>>sick beats

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