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Video: B.o.B. – No Where Near Close

B.o.B. uses a new record ‘No Where Near Close’ for his album promo video. The track will not appear on his upcoming Strange Clouds album dropping May 1st.

Previously: B.o.B – Ray Bands

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9 Responses to “Video: B.o.B. – No Where Near Close”

  1. Das racist Says:

    They really promoting the shit out this album.

    It ain’t gon sell tho.

  2. b Says:

    @ kush, half was a bk nigga. damn shame they went from the likes of biggie. kane, az, to maino , an uncle murda smh .

  3. b Says:

    yo that so good shit sound like a travel agent commercial or some shit, I like pop too, but damn sam.

  4. Kush Kennedy Says:

    Nigga half a mil was prolly the last of the non forced multi niggas

    This is a gift if you ask me.

  5. JihaD Says:

    Jackson7 Says:
    April 26th, 2012 at 1:47 pm
    since RIP Dantoni,

    Melo > Lebron




    *remembers Melo only scoring 7 points on Bron as Bron & the Heat Ran Melo out of his own fucking gym*

    *Remembers the Heat castrating Jeremy Lin on their court and finishing Linsanity*

    *Remembers the Heat shitting on the Knicks in the first game*

    Against NY 3 3 40.3 0.500 0.125 0.840 1.3 7.7 9.0 6.0 2.3 0.7 26.7

    *LOLS at Knick ass niggas*


  6. Das racist Says:

    I like pop too, but damn sam.


    I’m sayin.

    Bobby has gone full pop, he’s even thinking bout dropping a country album.

  7. Asparaghost Says:

    smh @ fools saying K.R.I.T’s last tape was weak.

    it’s the only tape that dropped so far this year that I haven’t deleted..

  8. Cypher Says:

    Whatever happened to Lin?…

    that nigga get deported?…

  9. b Says:

    I saw the crossover potential in b.o.b from day one,only a blind man couldn’t, I know he is talented enough to make some good songs without selling his soul, but the machine wont allow it.

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