Juelz Santana – Cashin Out Freestyle

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Previously: Kirko Bangz ft. 2 Chainz & Juelz Santana – Drank In My Cup (Remix)

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25 Responses to “Juelz Santana – Cashin Out Freestyle”

  1. Tong Po Flo Says:

    I don’t think Denzel ever made a wack movie, Safe House was pretty dopish

  2. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    AmpGeez a.k.a. Amphernee Hardaway Says:
    April 21st, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    From the thugs to every-men rappers, I’ve yet to hear a rowdy high energy rap nigga from Chicago.

    Crucial Conflict


    And that’s basically all that I know as well.

  3. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    Infamous Syndicate
    Cap 1
    Some old L.E.P. Bogus Boys
    Shawna (old Shawna)

  4. Troubleshooter1900 Says:


    When my eyes got opened to the real messiah.

  5. jderrida Says:


    The future is scary.

    Robots can think.

  6. Tong Po Flo Says:

    Crucial Conflict

    ^ They were the shit back in the day

    *plays Hay for old times sake*

  7. Harlem World Says:

    alcohol <<<>>>>>


    afro puffs is an amazing track

  8. tHe kID fRanKiE Says:

    alcohol <<>>>>

    ^schpeak on it. Got retarded yday never een made dinner fuckin w dat absolute house arrest schtatus no whip
    “my nigga I’m faded”

    Woke up this mornin not knowin w day it is/was


  9. tHe kID fRanKiE Says:


    ^dis ones for u H (nh)

  10. Harlem World Says:


    i had” gucci: its alive” on replay whilst sippin, shit felt like i was in outer space

    took a bottle to the dome before i left the crib

    all my homies from way back was out cus it was my homies bday, hoes was out too

    still feelin a lil faded to be honest

    lf: this nicca mikey rocks is the truth

    real natural flow, sounds like hes just having fun with it

    thank god >>>>>>>

  11. Harlem World Says:


  12. Harlem World Says:


  13. Harlem World Says:

    mj: remember the time ,might just be my favorite song ever

    always puts me in a good mood


  14. Harlem World Says:

    max b: baby i wonder >>>>>>>

    shit right here is soul music

  15. Harlem World Says:

    cosign peso chopped x screwed

  16. AmpGeez a.k.a. Amphernee Hardaway Says:

    SMH @ This nigga Juelz

  17. tHe kID fRanKiE Says:

    thank god >>>>>>

    ^this nigga right here?!!???

    Wow I can’t get past this song dis da Ridin wit a breezy music $$$ music
    “bang bang bang skeet skeet skeet”

    Michael is a star!

  18. Harlem World Says:

    tHe kID fRanKiE Says:
    April 22nd, 2012 at 10:58 am

    thank god >>>>>>

    ^this nigga right here?!!???

    Wow I can’t get past this song dis da Ridin wit a breezy music $$$ music
    “bang bang bang skeet skeet skeet”

    Michael is a star!

    cosign, the boy is mainstream ready

    much better lyrically than wiz x sean – i dont find him corny

    tennille killed the hook too!

    but he needs to promote himself more tho, he doesnt have many videos for his solo tracks

    im talking “o.c ft yvette michelle: far from yours” type of video

    just chillin in the sunshine, no homo

    already got his team in place too

  19. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Morning, Deviants

  20. Harlem World Says:

    if ross was smart hed have swooped up mikey rocks

    wale tries that style but it sounds forced to me

    i hate critquing rappers styles n shit, but im just an observant kind of guy

    i dont know about yall but i started listening to stalley through his spitta x ski association

    once you take that away, im not as interested

  21. Harlem World Says:

    sup tron

    *daps room*

  22. Rajon Trondo Says:

    ChIllin HW. A rare day off for me. I’m bout to do as little as possible today and hopefully have several unintentional naps on the couch

  23. Harlem World Says:

    would be ill if spitta x mikey rocks did a joint mixtape going over classics and vintage album cuts

    they got that 90’s rap mindset but with a modern twist

    imagine spitta x mikey rocks over tracks like az ho happy jackie, with a new hook & everything

    i like their music because they rhyme about the stuff id rap about if i had the talent

    and when spitta rhymes on other niccas tracks, he adds his own style and approach to it

    warner need him doing guest 16’s to make new fans, he might not have crossover image no homo, but he has the million dollar flow imo

  24. AmpGeez a.k.a. Amphernee Hardaway Says:

    I don’t understand the campaign to diminish Stalley.

    ITM was dope.

  25. Harlem World Says:

    nah stalley is nice with it amp

    i just find his new stuff a liltle leftfield

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