Chuck Inglish – WRKOUT (Mixtape)

For when you don’t want to hear rappers rap and just want to listen to something more soothing to the ear. Still raw, with Chuck Inglish behind the boards, though.

01. Rolls Royce
02. Inquiring Minds
03. Sideways
04. Triangles
05. Smallville (feat. Jade Hurtado)
06. Wild Saturday Night
07. Different
08. Love Work
09. Beep Beep
10. Mustangs
11. Saliboats (feat. Bad Rabbits)
12. Gumball Machine

Props to illRoots.

Download: Link

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3 Responses to “Chuck Inglish – WRKOUT (Mixtape)”

  1. cOLD Says:

    Was that styles photo instagramed

  2. Das racist Says:

    Nosign this artwork.


    is this a instrumental tape?

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