Video: Khaled Says Him & Kanye Have Another Song in the Stash

Khaled explains to MTV that “Theraflu” “Way Too Cold” was originally slated to appear on his Kiss The Ring project but it’s no sweat off his back because him and ‘Ye have another “monstous earthquake” of a song in the stash. Of course he can’t really talk about it:

“I can’t really talk about it”Khaled

…but he did hint that the new cut would (of course) include some big name features.

Khaled and Juvenile are on RapFix Live as we speak, so maybe Sway will drag some more info out of him. Hit the jump for a live stream.

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2 Responses to “Video: Khaled Says Him & Kanye Have Another Song in the Stash”

  1. why? Says:

    “Can’t A Young Nigga Get Money Anymore? Aaaaaaahhh”

  2. AmpGeez a.k.a. Amphernee Hardaway Says:

    Gospel. My nigga yoda died on his bike. best nigga hands down. rest in peace brian deacon
    145th between 7th & Lenox Ave.’s where I honed my gift for gab.

    Brian was my next door neighbor. Lived literally next door to me. I stayed in his crib as much as he was in mine. We used to trade Topps NBA cards & play Sega Genesis all night.

    Rest In Paradise to my G. And b’s right, my son was the best on them bikes.

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