Maino – Shine

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Bombs by Flex.

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62 Responses to “Maino – Shine”

  1. E aka Mac with the Cheese Says:

    nosign paying money to see a hologram performance

    youtube >>

  2. S.I.C.K Says:

    Hit this lady goin 5 mph gonna cost me +3k easily
    white/rich people problems

  3. hatin clayton Says:

    thats good for you like celery nigga

  4. E aka Mac with the Cheese Says:

    hologram Pac’s managers should try and get a nightly Vegas concert deal worked out with one of the casinos

  5. hatin clayton Says:

    add spitta to that wale list- dem niggas need to deport wale, and he can take this funny looking nigga wit him

  6. S.I.C.K Says:

    Nigga Frankie so rich he can afford a coke habit and a meth habit.

    Nigga Frankie so rich he can get the rest of his leg inked above the ankle.”Violla”no more “ankie” jokes.

  7. cOLD Says:

    Why did I get married ?!?!?


    This PMS shit cant be Foreal, can it?

    I mean do broads use this as an excuse to act unruly

  8. hatin clayton Says:

    thiiiiiiings groupiiies sayyyyy

  9. hatin clayton Says:

    cOLD Says:
    April 17th, 2012 at 10:23 am
    Why did I get married ?!?!?

    ^ To stay in america legally?

  10. cOLD Says:


    *looks in mirror*
    *doesnt recognize self*

  11. cOLD Says:

    To stay in america legally?

    ^ ha! Good one. I could use the laugh… Thanks

  12. JDS of the Cobra Kai Dojo Says:

    i have the strongest feeling that either Life Is Good isn’t going to be the album we’re expecting (that’s a good thing) or Nas has another project coming out not long afterward.

    his behavior has been really cavalier in regards to the album. not to mention, some of his instagrams with Large Pro, Swizz, etc.

    maybe that’s my inner stanely talking, but shit is weird for sure.

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