Shots Fired: The Start of Mobb Deep’s Ending?

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“First Dipset breaks up now everyday I wake up…”

“Havoc airs out Prodigy on Twitter”. That shit doesn’t even sound right. This “beef” shit doesn’t even really surprise me, what surprises me is that an OG like Hav would pull this shit on Twitter. This shit is supposed to pop off on a Clue tape or on Flex’s show or at the very least on a blog. My point being, this shit should have happened in a song, not on a social network. Everybody’s first reaction, rightfully so, was “Hav’s Twitter account must have been hacked”. Because who the fuck would ever believe that the breakup of one of the gulliest groups in Rap history would come down to homosexual allegations tossed around on Twitter? However this plays out, in 10 years we’re gonna look back on how this sure to be historic conflict started and instead of having a scathing diss track to play, we’re gonna have a series of awkwardly worded Tweets to read. That is  of course if the shit doesn’t get squashed behind the scenes and the Tweets get deleted without comment, which would be corny. Either way, what a sad day for NY Hip-Hop.

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  1. driz Says:

    “my mobb like a buncha wild puerto ricans with ______ the size of african spears..” [II}

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